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Arboriculture Courses at DCG

Are you interested in conservation and environmental issues? Do you enjoy working outdoors? Are you physically fit with a good head for heights? Derby College will put you on the ladder to a successful career in arboriculture.

Strong roots for a rewarding career

Around 12% of our entire country is made up of trees, so there is a lot of potential if you’re keen to work in arboriculture. From felling dangerous trees to diagnosing common diseases, arboricultural workers carry out wide-ranging jobs to care for both countryside and urban environments.

To give you a foothold in the industry – and help you progress to more demanding and technical roles – Derby College offers a Diploma in Forestry and Arboriculture, together with apprenticeship opportunities.

Is this you?

  • Enjoy working outside
  • Enthusiasm for the countryside, conservation and recreation issues
  • Practical and mechanical skills
  • The ability to work as part of a team
  • Effective communication and ‘people’ skills
  • If going into arboriculture – a head for heights and physical fitness
  • If promoting environmental conservation – the ability to explain technical and scientific issues to various audiences

Getting into environmental careers

  • Full time at College You will find a full range of Conservation, Countryside and Arboriculture courses at Derby College.
  • ApprenticeshipsDerby College offers an intermediate and an advanced apprenticeship in Arboriculture. These give you the opportunity to gain practical experience in this field, alongside a recognised qualification
  • Higher education To do some roles in this sector – such as countryside officer – it is an advantage to have a relevant degree as competition for jobs is strong. You can take a full-time course or study part time alongside a job. Possible degree subjects might include Environmental Management, Ecology and Geography. It’s always helpful to get some work experience in your chosen area as well as gaining qualifications.
  • Jobs You can go straight into a post such as field, estate or forestry worker, then train on the job and complete work-based qualifications. Although there are no set academic entry requirements for a role such as arboricultural worker, employers might prefer people with some GCSEs. For many jobs in the sector, emphasis for entry is based on your skills, qualities and, importantly, any relevant experience you’ve had. You can gain such experience through taking a fulltime course or an apprenticeship. It is also helpful to build up practical experience by seeking out volunteering opportunities with organisations such as the National Trust, the Wildlife Trust and Groundwork.

Why choose Derby College?

  • You’ll hone your skills in the ancient woodlands, farmland and gardens of our Broomfield Hall Campus, which features a variety of rare trees.
  • Every day is different on our courses: you’ll be challenged to use your initiative to solve real problems in the environment.
  • We offer opportunities for work experience in the land-based industries to give you even more hands-on estate skills.
  • Our expert team delivers full training in the safe use of specialist equipment such as chainsaws, ropes, ladders and harnesses.
  • You’ll gain enterprise skills and business know-how which could help you set up your own venture.

At Derby College, you’ll gain a thorough grounding in both the science and practice of arboriculture and forestry management. You’ll be equipped for roles with contractors, landscaping firms, local authorities, and private estates.

welcome to the DCG virtual information

event I’m here to talk to you about

arboriculture courses here at Brimfield

hall but I’ll give you a bit of

background knowledge about the college

first to put everything into perspective

for you so we made before campuses

including Broomfield Hall where your

studies will take place but we also have

the Roundhouse the Joseph Wright Center

and Ilkeston Hall together these make up

the Darby College group aka DCG we have

a multitude for airs available to every

student at the DCG from the moment we

meet you right up until you have

completed your study program and are

deciding on your next steps whether you

still need to gain your math and English

TCC’s or if you’re looking for top

quality work experience to help gain

valuable industry knowledge we will

offer you tailored support to suit your

individual needs as you will see this

evening DCG has invested in first-class

industry standard equipment which you

can view in more detail after this

presentation we do everything we can to

help you succeed during your time here

and this has been recognized by Ofsted

who have graters good provider which is

the second highest rating that is

available to any school or college

we have teamed up with career coach

which is designed to help you find a

good career by providing the most

current local data on wages employment

job postings and associations education

and training head over to the careers

and courses section of our website

select career coach from here you can

easily browse off or search for the

available courses at DCG that leads the

career you want arboriculture at DCG

level – an introduction to the world of

our borah culture you’ll be trained by

experienced leading professionals within

the industry you’ll have the opportunity

to gain up to four M PTC chase chainsaw

units and a broad knowledge of the


DCG arboriculture what you need to know

what qualifications will I achieve you

will come away with up to 4 M PT c CS

chainsaw units and a collie certificate

in our body called Jim what equipment to

machine will we get to use you’ll get to

use the latest climbing equipment most

up-to-date chainsaws stone grinders and

modern wood chippers can I get a job in

our or ecology after college the answer

simply is yes there’s a big skill sort

shortage in arboriculture and jobs are

easily obtainable Darby causes

significant impact on many individuals

businesses and the wider community we

are committed to producing a talent pool

equipped with the right skills and

assets used to meet the needs of

employers we are proud of our

contribution to the economic growth and

social prosperity

we have a detailed step-by-step guide on

how to apply which is accessible from

both our website and in our prospectus

they should have been given tonight

here’s the sunrise break down the steps

you can expect to take during the

application process with DCG

Arboriculture – Course Listings

Course Type: Adult and Community
Location: Broomfield Hall
Start Date: Flexible

Course Type: Adult and Community
Location: Broomfield Hall
Start Date: Flexible

Course Type: Adult and Community
Location: Broomfield Hall
Start Date: Flexible

Course Type: Adult and Community
Location: Broomfield Hall
Start Date: Flexible

Course Type: Adult and Community
Location: Broomfield Hall
Start Date: Flexible

Course Type: Adult and Community
Location: Broomfield Hall
Start Date: Flexible

Course Type: Apprenticeships
Location: Workplace

Course Type: School Leaver - Vocational/Technical
Location: Broomfield Hall

Key Information

At Derby College we believe the best tutors are usually those who have real world experience of working in the field they’re teaching. So, in most cases, you’ll be taught by someone who has worked in the industry that you wish to enter. As well as being able to share their knowledge and experiences with you, they have crucial industry connections, which is a huge benefit when it comes to helping you to secure a work placement in your chosen field.

As part of your studies at Derby College we offer a full range of assistance to ensure you have a great learning experience.

Discover our campuses and facilities here. Each campus page contains:

  • 360-degree images of our facilities
  • A location map
  • A list of courses that are run at the campus
  • Student Success Stories

To find out more about our Arboriculture courses attend our next course and career events or contact us on 0800 028 0289

Press the Apply Now button, that can be found at the top and bottom of every course information page and follow the instructions for the InTouch applications portal.

If you are unable to apply online, contact Student Services who will help you complete your application form and will be able to help and guide you to make a decision on the course of study to meet your needs and ambitions.

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