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About Us

DCG is an exempt charity under the Part 3 of the Charities Act 2011 and is regulated by the Secretary of State for Education as Principal Regulator for all FE Corporations in England. Charities Act 2011 (

At DCG, the Corporation is the Governing Body with overall responsibility for the way the Group functions. The Corporation oversees the quality of the service that the Group offers to learners and the local community. It also steers the Group’s strategic direction’ and is responsible for its financial health.

The workings of the Corporation are laid down in the Group’s Instrument and Articles of Government (PDF)

The Corporation comprises people from a wide range of backgrounds and reflects the community which the Group serves, including employees and learners.

Meetings of the Corporation are held in private and attended by the Governors and members of the Group’s senior management team, together with any other persons specifically invited.

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    If you are interested in joining the Corporation please contact the Clerk via email – Rose Matthews

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    Meet the Governors

    This is the Who’s Who of DCG Governors. For more information on any of our Governors view the profiles from the button below.

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    Corporation Documentation

    Includes: Register of Interests, I&As, Standing Orders.

    birdseye view of people walking


    Testimonials from people in different roles in DCG Governance.

    Laptop screen displaying dashboard

    Financial Statements

    You can view the DCG Financial Statements that are published on an anual basis.

    Financial Statements
    work meeting around a large table

    Audit Committee

    Overview of Audit’s role, Membership and terms of reference and minutes

    Audit Committee
    Empty Modern Office

    Standards Committee

    Overview of Standards role, Membership and terms of reference and minutes

    Standards Committee
    Empty Lecture Room

    HE Academic Board

    Overview of HE Academic Board’s role, Membership and terms of reference and minutes.

    HE Academic Board
    Meeting taking place round large table

    Search and Governance Committee

    Overview of Search’s role, Membership and terms of reference.

    Search and Governance Committee
    Man with briefcase

    Remuneration Committee

    Overview of Remco’s role, Membership and terms of reference.

    Remuneration Committee
    Financial Chart

    Finance and Resources Committee

    Overview of Finance and Resources role, Membership and terms of reference.

    Finance and Resources Committee