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DCG Policies and Papers

A range of policies and procedural guides have been published by the College to provide guidance on matters relating to the conduct of College business.

Below you can view all Derby College policies and documents including the Modern Slavery Statement, Public Value Statement, Gender Pay Gap Report and College Financial Statements.

Some of our published documents are scanned with wet ink signatures and as such may not be web accessible. If you require any of this documentation in a web accessible format, please contact the Clerk to the Corporation

Copies of policies are available on request.

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The Freedom of Information Act (FOI 2000)

The Freedom of Information Act 2000 gives rights of public access to information held by Derby College.

The College is pleased to meet the obligations of the Act and has prepared a Publication Scheme which gives details of the information which it publishes, and which is available for public access.

Other information not described on the Publication Scheme may also be available on request.

Freedom of Information Request »

Please note that personal data is covered by the Data Protection Act and is not usually available for public access. Contact the Archive, Information & Records Officer for further guidance regarding our Data Protection obligations.

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