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Why work for us?

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If creating world class, accessible education opportunities that enrich lives and make bright futures a reality for all is something you are passionate about, then you will find working at DCG stimulating, challenging and very rewarding.

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Working for DCG

Our students are the lifeblood of DCG and we exist to provide the best opportunities and outcomes for children, young people and adults. Everyone we employ must share our passion for our learning community and enable all those in it to succeed and achieve their aspirations. We employ people across a diverse range of roles and responsibilities, with some colleagues directly providing learning and support to our nursery children, our students and our apprentices; and others with a focus on supporting the running of our organisation.

Whatever the role held, we expect every employee to take an active part in engaging directly with students. This may include welcoming students at the start of their day on campus; helping to signpost students to where they can get help; or being a help to the student behaviour teams at break times with reminders about wearing ID badges; hats off and hoods down!

So, we expect all of our employees to be comfortable and confident in engaging with our broad learning community and to act as a good role model for our children, students and apprentices – in doing so we act as one team, actively supporting colleagues and engaging with our community.

We aim to pro-actively encourage and nurture students to deploy effective behaviours and attitudes, fostering understanding and preparing them as professionals at work and as social contributors in life. As an employee you can help us to be good role models for our children, students and apprentices.

We highly value people who can demonstrate the following character:


Autonomy, Critical Thinking, Curiosity,
Judgement, Reasoning, Reflection, Resourcefulness.


Compassion, Courage, Gratitude, Honesty,
Humility, Integrity, Justice and Respect.


Citizenship, Civility, Community
Awareness, Neighbourliness, Volunteering.


Confidence, Determination, Motivation,
Perseverance, Resilience, Teamwork.

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