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Why did I apply to DCG?


Education Support Worker

Being an education support worker, I can encourage students to find their own style, and techniques of learning and how to write, and when I see that student smiling from understanding and making progress, I know it’s a job well done for all. I struggled at school to understand how to break things down and no one could understand my methods of how I could find the answer, but I could. I want to encourage students to find their own way to the answer and give them that confidence to try!

I find that students are afraid of getting things wrong, using your imagination is not wrong, it’s impressive, everyone has their own way and I encourage that!


Teacher of Mechanical Engineering

I am passionate about learning, and teaching is really all about learning. After gaining some industry experience and finishing my PhD, I decided to become a teacher because it is a profession that really makes a difference in society.

I truly believe that knowledge and education are the basis for building a better world. Forming future professionals comes with great responsibility, but also with great fulfilment.


Way2Work Work Coach

Having recently moved counties I saw an opportunity to look for a new career path. I found the Way2Work program through a job fayre in the summer.

After enrolling, I explained I was unsure of my next step, it was suggested that I could apply to join the team.

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