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Our range of products can deliver real, measurable benefits – filling your skills gaps while boosting your organisation’s efficiency and competitiveness. They are a cost-effective way to invest in your future managers, increase business growth, attract new talent and to meet the individual needs of you and your business.

DCG students ready for employment

at dcg we ensure our students are

equipped with the skills they need to

enter the workforce after graduating

but we need your help to make sure we

can continue doing this

as an employer you are likely to spend a

large amount of time

mentoring and shaping individuals in the


to ensure they have the key attributes

your organization or industry requires

this is a time-consuming and often

frustrating experience

by getting involved with creating and

developing dcg’s offer

you can ensure our future graduates help

service the needs of your business


you will be ensuring our future

graduates come with the right skills

attributes and knowledge to flourish at

your organization

not only that by partnering with dcg you


help the local community get brands

recognition through joint working with


business inquiries at derby hyphen

college dot ac dot uk

one three three two three eight seven

four two one

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DCG can help with a range of different business solutions including professional development, apprenticeships, work experience and more

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