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Employer T Levels

Highly skilled, work-ready students are here to build your business and create opportunities for your organisation.

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Industry placements are already helping employers go further forward, faster.

  • Help nurture and develop future workforce talent
  • Increase capacity
  • Extra resource for specific projects
  • Bring in people with imaginative, new ideas and different skills
  • Ensure students are equipped with the correct skills, knowledge and attributes

Why have T-Levels been created?

T Levels give young people the skills and knowledge they need to get a head start towards their future career and support organisations like yours by combing both study and work experience with a real employer on an industry placement. Industry placements are already helping employers and their businesses go further. T Levels have been designed with the best employers to make sure students have the skills and knowledge you need and you’ll receive support with planning at every stage of the process from us.

What is an industry placement?

A student is invited to work with you for around 45 days or the equivalent of 315 hours, developing skills and building confidence. Placement times can be arranged to fit in with your needs and are an integral part of T Levels, a new 2-year qualification which is equivalent to 3 A Levels, that brings classroom and work together.

How will this benefit my organisation?

  • Help nurture and develop talent
  • Cost effective recruitment for entry level jobs and apprenticeships
  • Bring in people with imaginative new ideas and different skills
  • Upskill your staff with the chance to mentor a young person

We are currently offering T levels in the following areas and therefore looking for employers in:

  • Design surveying and planning for construction
  • Civil engineering
  • Building services
  • Digital production, design, and development
  • Digital support services
  • Education and childcare
  • Health
  • Health and science


The employer support fund provides financial assistance to employers offering high-quality T Level industry placements between 1 April 2023 and 31 March 2024. This funding is to support legitimate costs that an employer incurs when offering a T Level industry placement opportunity and is considered on an individual basis.


T Level Employer Guide

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