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Agriculture Courses at DCG

It may be one of our oldest industries but farming never stands still. DCG can help you join a dynamic new generation of farming professionals who are innovating in areas ranging from crop management to animal husbandry, soil science to sustainability.

Studying on our 210-acre working estate, you’ll gain the skills to work safely, effectively and professionally on a modern farm. Whether you want to go into farm management or estate maintenance, agricultural engineering or livestock breeding, agri-sales or animal nutrition, your career is on solid ground with us.

On most days you’ll help out on the Broomfield Hall farm, working with the livestock – including rare breeds – and getting to grips with high-tech farm machinery. Ecology, habitat management, environmental health and safety, risk analysis and business strategy will all feature in your learning. Further afield, there are exciting work placement opportunities, visits to farms and agricultural shows, and national competitions to bring an extra dimension to your studies.

Alongside technical and academic qualifications, DCG also supports apprenticeship programmes in farming and delivers part-time courses in everything from tractor driving to mowing, veterinary medicines to pesticides.

hello everyone welcome to the DCG

virtual information event I’m here to

talk to you about our agricultural

courses here at blue feel tall but I

will give you a bit of background

knowledge about the college first to put

everything into perspective for you

so here made up of four campuses

including drew field hall where your

studies will take place but we also have

the Roundhouse the Joseph Wright Center

and Ilkeston all together these make up

the Darby college group aka

DC G we have a multitude of support

areas available to every students at DC

G from the moment we meet you right up

until you have completed your study

program and are deciding on your next

steps whether you will need to gain your

math and English GCSEs or if you are

looking for top quality work experience

to help gain valuable industry knowledge

we will offer you tamer support to suit

your individual needs as you will see

this evening DCG

has invested first class industry

standard equipment which you can view in

more detail after this presentation we

do everything we can to help you succeed

you during your time here and this has

been recognized by Ofsted who have

graded us as a good provider which is

the second highest rating that is

available to any school or college

another fantastic asset we have a DCG

our innovative employer academies these

have helped our students gain valuable

work experience create key industry

contacts and really bring to life their

college learning experience our students

are in the heart of everything that we

do and our inclusion and support service

of DCG is

to help you maximize your potential and

reach your learning goals whatever

learning difficulty or disability you

may have we can offer tailored support

to match your individual needs we work

in partnership with teaching staff other

internal services and external

organizations to provide a

person-centered approach we have teamed

up with career coach which is designed

to help you find a good career by

providing the most current local data on


employment job postings and associated

education and training head over to the

creative and courses section of our

website and select career coach from

here you can easily browse or search for

available courses

DCG that lead to the career you want you

can also take a career assessment or

career Coast her learn about yourself

and it will give you career suggestions

based on your interests fuller all free

of charge as you can see the protect

employment count for agriculture and

related occupations in the dct region is

predicted to keep rising each year from

now through to 2028 and here are a few

the top posted job titles over the past

year for this industry

here at Brimfield we have a fully

stocked when you farmers includes a hub

wide wide range of animals including

rare breed British cattle Flynn and

Suffolk sheep pedigree Derbyshire

gritstone sheep chickens and pigs we

also have machinery including fence

chase Massey Ferguson and for tractors

we have a JCB telehandler also quad bike

or train buggy and Land Rover all of

these the students will get to use as

part of their studies the students help

to run the farm under the supervision of

the farm manager and the farm staff and

carry out routine tasks and nun routine

tasks so here is a breakdown of each of

our agricultural courses at DCG we’ve

got level 1 which is a one-year course

is City and Guilds lab-based

qualifications specialising agriculture

horticulture it is vocational it is

predominantly practical with very little

written elements but with the written

element that is support available we

also have online multiple-choice health

and safety tests and employability

skills then we have our level 2 which

again is a one-year course entry

requirements for this are 2 DS or grey

free English language and science and to

ease which is a grade to another subject

this is a one year course and days of

attendance is dependent on maths and

English requirements as its waiver level

the course is working assess which would

include posters written assignments in

class tests fact sheets presentations

you can progress up to level 3 with a

distinction or option and apprenticeship

then we have our level 3 course the

entry requirements for this are four

GCSEs at grade C which is a grade for

above to include biology English

language math and one other this is

equivalent to free a levels and

wretched on 2 degree courses it is a two

year course and attendance it’s three

days a week with two days personal study

it is coursework practicals and exam

assess for those of you that have opted

for a level one or level 2 program and

then want to progress onto other courses

you can progress on to a four level two

or a full level three which will be to

include exams and theory practicals or

if you want a more practical approach we

are looking at running additional pretty

courses so a bridging course between

level one and level two would be a

one-year course which will enable

students to build up on their practical

skills and have a strong focus on these

practical abilities due to have the

opportunity sit additional

qualifications the machinery operation

which leads to industry recognised

qualifications we also have a pretty

pause between the level 2 and level 3

which you can progress on to after your

first year from a level 2 course this

one-year course will enable students to

build on their practical skills and

again has a strong focus on practical

ability students will have the

opportunity six additional

qualifications in machining operations

livestock movements and pesticide

application these additional

qualifications are industry recognised

and wouldn’t allow students to start

their careers at a higher level please

do speak to a member of staff if this is

something you may be interested in the

mission of Dharma college group DCG

is to predict and serve the needs of our

business and civic communities we have

committed to working in partnership with

employers to co-create talents for the

success of the region generate new jobs

increase sociability

and bolster economic prosperity we are

therefore always working hard and

securing the best most relevant employer

partners to help support our students

here is an example of a few of our

agriculture employer partners what you

need to know there may be fees charged

for part-time courses or if you’re over


please asks you to services of the

details work placements take place

during no college days that students are

expected to complete a de 150 or 300

hours per year

you will need appropriate safety

gloaming for practical sessions overalls

steel toe cap boots you will be required

to wear a uniform t-shirts sweatshirts

available to purchase during induction

jewelry and false nails are not allowed

the agriculture industry operates 27 for

365 days a year

many people were long hours whatever the

weather it’s a way of life lifestyle

choice rather than the Korean students

reminded the practical sessions do take

place whatever if you have any allergies

especially to animals or fears were new

in lifestyle please consider

for the past six years the agricultural

team have organized additional

residential trips for our level three

students these trips have been to two

hundred thousand and fifty we went to

grassroots convention in Somerset with

visits to worthy Val Homewood the

Glastonbury Festival a two hundred fifty

head dairy farm and the specialist

cheese battery which is supplies with

rural bill 2016 to 2020 we took the

Czech Republic study tour with visits to

the Zita Factory and museum including

test-driving feeding back on the latest

tractors visits to a 6,000 acre pigs

farm a small traditional Czech farm and

an animal farm we have also visited the

Czech National Museum of Agriculture in

Prague you can also study a range of

Agriculture’s short courses these can be

studied at a level 2 NPT C certificate

of competency or if you wish you can go

for a college certificate of attendance

courses include tractor driving which

includes front-end loader rough terrain

telescopic fork lift truck pesticide

application foundation module PA one

pesticide application modules PA to 6

and 6a w which is application in or

around water we also do ATV and booking

we can also do the spoke courses to suit

individual needs also please see the

Darby College website for a full list or

speak to a member service so what’s next

tonight do you want to check out another

subject don’t need to look at any more

subjects all not sure what to do next

then head back to the Virg

event homepage once you know you can

find your other chosen subject page and

chat to the team by a live chat over

there find our student services team to

help you apply now and have a chat with

one of our many support areas to get

some advice and guidance we have a

detailed step-by-step guide of how to

apply which is are accessible from both

our website and in our prospectus that

you should have been given tonight

here is a summarized breakdown of the

steps you can expect to take during the

application process with DCG when you

head back to the event homepage after

this head over to our student services

team who are here to help you apply now

if you wish to or at least they can give

you advice and answer any questions you

might have in relation to the

application process

Agriculture – Course Listings

Course Type: Adult and Community
Location: Broomfield Hall

Course Type: Adult and Community
Location: Broomfield Hall

Course Type: Adult and Community
Location: Broomfield Hall

Course Type: Adult and Community
Location: Broomfield Hall

Course Type: Adult and Community
Location: Broomfield Hall

Course Type: Adult and Community
Location: Broomfield Hall

Course Type: Adult and Community
Location: Broomfield Hall

Course Type: Adult and Community
Location: Broomfield Hall

Course Type: Adult and Community
Location: Broomfield Hall

Course Type: Adult and Community
Location: Broomfield Hall

Course Type: Adult and Community
Location: Broomfield Hall

Course Type: Adult and Community
Location: Broomfield Hall

Course Type: Adult and Community
Location: Broomfield Hall

Course Type: Adult and Community
Location: Broomfield Hall

Course Type: Apprenticeships
Location: Workplace

Course Type: School Leaver - Vocational/Technical
Location: Broomfield Hall

Course Type: School Leaver - Vocational/Technical
Location: Broomfield Hall

Course Type: School Leaver - Vocational/Technical
Location: Broomfield Hall

Course Type: School Leaver - Vocational/Technical
Location: Broomfield Hall

Course Type: School Leaver - Vocational/Technical
Location: Broomfield Hall

Course Type: School Leaver - Vocational/Technical
Location: Broomfield Hall

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Broomfield Hall Open Day – 16/02/22

Broomfield Hall

Key Information

You can expect to develop the highest professional standards with the help of our teaching team who have vast experience in the farming industry. They will introduce you to the latest technology and scientific advances that are transforming the sector today.

They collaborate with land-based businesses locally, nationally and even internationally to give you valuable industry insights. If you’re considering higher education, they will advise you on the growing choice of Agriculture degrees available and they can also steer you in the right direction if you want to become self-employed or run your own farm. As part of your studies at DCG, you’ll benefit from a full range of assistance to ensure you have a great learning experience too.

Discover our campuses and facilities here. Each campus page contains:

  • 360-degree images of our facilities
  • A location map
  • A list of courses that are run at the campus
  • Student Success Stories

To find out more about this area, attend our next course and career event or contact us on 0800 028 0289

Press the Apply Now button, that can be found at the top and bottom of every course information page and follow the instructions for the InTouch applications portal.

If you are unable to apply online, contact Student Services who will help you complete your application form and will be able to help and guide you to make a decision on the course of study to meet your needs and ambitions.

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