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thank you from day one they’ve always

pushed everyone to get their dream so

remember was all sat in the restaurant

from there like write down your dreams

and I wrote down my dreams then three

years later they asked me the same

question I wrote down the same dream and

they were like how close do you think

you are so I was like I’m pretty close

they’re all like hey not just close

you’re extremely close yeah euro mates

that touching breach to it and that’s

only because you know they’ve pushed me

and pushed me and pushed me because I

know I’m they know I’m good it was just

helping me to believe that was good the

first word of our vision is inclusive

and truly believes that that that’s what

we eat sleep and breed that is

everything we have about 1,200 learners

out of a 5,000 study program cohort that

have an inclusion need and only 209 of

those are high needs so the other nine

hundred plus learners have got a

relatively low level inclusion need

we’ve got lots and lots of really really

key case studies where we can show

progress from entry or pre entry to

level one and above in terms of our

mission and what we do on a day to day

basis how we’re going to enact that

vision is all about getting individuals

ready for the next phase in their life

and that’s where inclusion is included

within that so it’s not an add-on it’s

not kind of like when we do all of this

for this cohort and then we do something

different for different cohorts of young

people everything stems back to that

when I first started at the college it

was it was quite nerve-wracking but I

kind of fitted in really well and the

members of staff have been really

helpful so they picked up pretty quickly

about my reading and writing issues and

I think it was within like the week

first week or even the second week they

sat me down in the office and all that

right let’s get you reading and writing

checked will get you sorted and then

that’s when they diagnose we have

dyslexic and dysplastic tendencies we

try to make every young person

individual so not one-size-fits-all so

our study program that we do with them

is individualized so we adapt to people

we look at what they want and then we

put our wrap around our provision around

that young person and I think that’s

what’s taking us to that next step of

being outstanding as well at first I was

a bit

service because I didn’t want to accept

that there’s something kind of wrong

with me but then I felt really grateful

after the first year I felt really

grateful for what the college have done

for me and they helped me to get to

where I am now if I didn’t get the help

that I need I don’t think I would have

ever gone to university I don’t think

I’d ever even be in my second year of

university never mind like wanting to

finish my degree next year right from

promoting the college to application to

interview to creating support plans

before Ilona arrives possibly

orientating them to sites before they

get here and understanding that that

isn’t special that’s normal that’s in

good inclusive practice if we can crack

that bit and when saloner gets into the

classroom and we empower them to know

what inclusion is and what their

specific individual needs are we can

then work with teachers to help them

make sure that they’ve embedded that

practice in their everyday work a lot of

it is about having not only a leadership

team but management team and then a team

a wider team who really understand that

concept and have bought into it and

they’re making it happen

it shows the culture you know they come

together they’re excited they’re

motivated they’re positive they’ve all

got something to contribute into the

vision and they can all see how they’re

contributing as well to making that a

reality it’s very important to take a

whole organization approach because

that’s what creates the ethos their

philosophy and be on an everyday level

the atmosphere of the organization and

that’s what learners experience and so

for them to have a positive experience

when they arrive at the front gates when

they’re going to get their morning

coffee when they are moving between

lessons it’s important that that ethos

that approach that atmosphere is

consistent wherever they are

our learners deserved the best they they

want to be just like everybody else

other future and and success and being

part of the community and being employed

is a massive part of that they can see

how passionate I am in being in the hair

industry I’ve had some really good

support about some really good feedback

and some teachers have really helped me

to progress and push myself even further

to help me get the dream job that I’ve

always wanted we’ve got to keep going

and making sure that every learner gets

a successful outcome a positive outcome

for what they want to do for their

future aspiration I think without the

support I’ll be completely somewhere

else I think the primary impact is that

learners are happy and so attendance

retention and success are all bang on

whether they should be in line with or

just slightly above their peers we’ve

got an inclusion team that can provide

all sorts of resources for any learning

difficulty whatsoever

we’ve got specialists in the college

that will support and help a teachers to

give that best support that they

possibly can we had hardly any

achievement gaps last year so it is a

lot of intervention at that and then

it’s working and our learners are

succeeding and achieving in line with

national figures as well it’s refreshing

to see that that everybody is pulling in

the same direction and I can’t think of

one single time where I’ve asked for

support with regard to sort of learning

difficulties where I’ve not received

100% support it’s about creating a safe

environment so it within a classroom

environment we encourage mistakes that

so that they’re safe and we can learn

from them if they’ve done something well

they get lots of positive praise a lot

of feedback so we have masses of

expectations for learners we want the

very best for them I was my last

previous college I was nearly there for

four years and I was getting bored and I

wasn’t really enjoying it so I thought a

change might change the mood a bit my

confidence wasn’t very good when I

wasn’t lost college and I was down he

wasn’t talking to anyone but now college

is halting confidence because I can talk

to people that don’t even

no the stuffer more hopeful than my last

college because there’s just no year

needs and no what you want to do it is

absolutely integral to everything we do

rather than a bolt on and that’s

probably why it’s so it’s so successful

in some time but I’ve got an

apprenticeship Broomfield doing a

teaching assistant job my mom was very

happy because she was crying and

happiness and she couldn’t believe I got

the apprenticeship she wrote me an email

the next day to say the opportunity to

let my son shine I can’t thank you and

Darby college enough so the impact is



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