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Examination Information


If you are a DCG student who was due to sit your exams in the summer of this year, you will be aware, the effects of Covid-19 have meant that these exams were not able to be sat at the scheduled time. As a result, across all subjects, the college has put forth Teacher Assessed Grades (TAGs) to the exam boards, for moderation.

L3 results will be made available on 10th August. BTEC results will be made available on 10th August. Applied Science results will be made available on 10th August. L2 results results will be made available on 12th August.

You can access results DCG Exam Results Students are welcome to attend the JWC from 8:00am on 10th August, for support with accepting university offers.

Summer 2021 GCSE and A-Level certificates – Delayed

Following the teacher assessed grade (TAG) process in Summer 2021 and subsequent award of said grades at the beginning of August, centres across the country received unprecedented numbers of appeals which had to be reviewed and then submitted to the awarding bodies to be further scrutinised. This process has taken quite some time to complete which has resulted in a delay to the printing and distribution of certificates for the Summer 2021 session.

We fully expect the certificates to arrive with us in early December at which point we will sort and distribute within the normal two week window. Therefore, all students should receive their Summer 2021 certificates by Friday 17th December at the latest.

Appeals information

Students with general queries regarding their results should contact the exams team

Grade appeals should only be submitted on the following grounds:

  1. Procedural/Academic judgment
  2. Administrative error

Further information on the detail for these grounds and the appeals procedure can be found in this document 2021 Teacher assessed grades

Appeals on the grounds of procedure/academic judgement are based on the potential that a grade has been generated not following the college policy In order to aid in the decision to appeal on these ground the centre policy is here Determining Teacher Assessed grade policy

Any students wishing to pursue an appeal should email