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Inclusion and Support

Supporting you all the way

Derby College Group (DCG) is an inclusive, inspirational and innovative learning community, predicting and serving the needs of every student. If you have an inclusion need (learning difficulty or disability) the Inclusion and Support Service at DCG can support you to maximise your potential and reach your goals.

Personalised (centred around you) support is available on all College sites and could be in the classroom, outside of the classroom, during exams, equipment, modifications and/or in and around the wider College environment.

This support aims to enable you to access all the opportunities the College has to offer and help you have the most positive experience whilst studying at DCG. Whatever inclusion need or disability you may have, we can offer tailored support to match your individual needs.

Every year DCG enrols approximately 5,000 full-time students. 1 in 5, or 20%, of these students will have an inclusion need or have had an alternative route into College (home schooled, attendance at PRUs, alternative education etc).

Everyone feels nervous starting somewhere new and meeting new people. Whoever you are, and whatever needs you may have, you can be confident that DCG is an inclusive environment where it is not just safe to be different, it is brilliant to be different! We are supporting you all the way.

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Key Information

Key Information

Inclusion Support Team

Meet the Team

Meet the Team

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Important Dates

Important Dates

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Inclusion and Support Handbook

Download the Handbook (PDF)

If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact the inclusion team. You can talk to us about your support needs before you apply to College, at enrolment or at any time during your course. We’ll be happy to help.

You can contact us on 0800 028 0289 or email the Inclusion and Support Team