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Learning Support Services – Key information

Learning Support Services – Key information about our services

The types of support we offer are:

  • Support at interview (if requested at application)
  • Support planning to establish what we need to do
  • Transitional support
  • In-class support
  • Mobility support
  • Note taking
  • Communication support
  • Specialist resources and equipment e.g. laptops with specialist software, Dictaphones, livescribe pens etc.
  • Counselling, well-being / resilience support
  • Modification of learning materials e.g. into braille
  • Personal care
  • Exam access arrangements
  • Base rooms / Learning Support Trainers

Support on application

We lead with values and strong ethos that every individual here at DCG has the opportunity to learn and maximise their potential. Therefore, it is essential to share your learning support needs on application to enable the team to provide you with professional support and guidance.

Upon sharing your learning support need at application, please ensure you provide detailed information of your current support needs. After submitting and sharing your learning support needs a member of the learning support team will be in touch to discuss next steps. If you would like to contact the team beforehand, please email

EHCP (Education Health and Care Plan)

If you have an EHCP, please identify this by ticking the EHCP box at application. Following your application, please share with us your original EHCP along with the most up to date annual review. You can do this by emailing

Your application will be placed on hold until we have consulted with the local authority and reviewed the plan to ensure we can meet all your needs identified within the plan. On occasions, we may recommend provision with an alternative vocational area to act as a stepping stone to your chosen course or discuss with the local authority alternative next steps before coming to DCG. Our aim is always to ensure all students have a successful and realistic transition and journey here at DCG.

Transition to College

We understand that you may be feeling a little anxious about starting a new college. To support you with this, we can offer 1:1 transition packages or our programmed transition events in the spring term before your September start. All transitions provide you to gain a more in-depth insight into college life, whilst discussing and agreeing the level of support you can expect to receive. If this is something that may be beneficial to you, please email

Exam Access Arrangements (EAA)

Access arrangements are adjustments made to exam conditions for individual students, based on their needs and their normal way of working. They ensure that all candidates have the same opportunity to be successful in their exams and include reasonable adjustments for those candidates with an inclusion need or disability.

Will you be requesting the same exam support as you’ve had at school?

You will need to provide a copy of one of the following from your previous school or centre of learning before we can review access arrangements for you at College:

  • Form 8 report
  • Access Arrangements Online (AAO) approval
  • Centre File Note
  • Confirmation of your previous exam access arrangements (on letter headed paper or an email from previous school/centre of learning)
  • EHCP

The deadline for you providing this evidence is October half-term. Please contact your school or previous centre as soon as possible.

If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact the Learning Support Services. You can talk to us about your support needs before you apply to College, at enrolment or at any time during your course. We’ll be happy to help.

You can contact us on 0800 028 0289 or email us at