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Summer 2020 results

All results have been created using a calculated grade approach set out by OFQUAL due to the pandemic and subsequent cancellation of exams. The College has followed a meticulous process to generate and report these grades to the awarding bodies. The awarding bodies have also followed a process of standardisation which has resulted in the grades awarded.

Advice and Guidance:

As this year has been extraordinary, you are likely to have a number of questions and potential concerns about your results. Please find below information on different potential scenarios and what you need to do to address them:

Calculated grade guidance – The following link is to the official OFQUAL guidance on the calculated grade process https://www.gov.uk/guidance/your-results-what-next

Calculated grades – If you wish to get access to the calculated grade that was submitted for you to the awarding bodies then you can request this by emailing examsgroup@derby-college.ac.uk. detailing your student number, your name and the qualification/subject you want to request.

Exam specific queries – for queries such as technical advice on grades, potential missing results or awarding body guidance please contact examsgroup@derby-college.ac.uk.

General advice and guidance – For general advice and guidance such as next steps or destination advice please visit the live chats

Appeals – OFQUAL have produced a specific appeals procedure to allow students to appeal grades they believe to be incorrect or where there is suspected bias/discrimination against them. The following link will take you to the College procedure for appeals which includes official OFQUAL guidance and details of how to submit an appeal.

DCG Appeals Process

Appeal Application Form

Autumn exam session (A-Levels) – Again, as an extraordinary measure, OFQUAL have announced an additional exam session for A-Levels which will run in October 2020. If you wish to apply to be entered for this session please use this link Exam Entry Form 2020

Destination survey – In order to enable our curriculum teams to support your progression, we require you to complete the following destination survey. It is important that the College collect this information so please do complete this as soon as possible

Examination Enquiry

If you have an enquiry regarding examinations, then please fill out the form below:

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