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If you are a DCG student who was due to sit your exams in the summer of this year, you will be aware, the effects of Covid-19 have meant that these exams were not able to be sat at the scheduled time. As a result, across all subjects, the college has put forth Teacher Assessed Grades (TAGs) to the exam boards, for moderation.

A-Level results will be made available on 10th August.
BTEC results will be made available on 10th August.
Applied Science results will be made available on 10th August.
GCSE Plus results will be made available on 12th August.

Results will be provided electronically to each students’ college email address. You can access results https://examresults.derby-college.ac.uk/
Students are welcome to attend the JWC from 8:00am on 10th August, for support with accepting university offers.


Students are being given the opportunity to sit A-Level/GCSE Plus examinations in the Autumn of this year, in October or November. If you wish to sit your exams in the Autumn, you need to let your teachers know of this at the earliest opportunity. Please do this by completing the relevant online form linked below:

For GCSE Plus students: https://forms.office.com/r/F4riRJ59GR
For A-Level students: https://forms.office.com/r/mTcNHwKwbA

If you choose to sign up to the autumn exams, we will arrange for you to have continued access to their Microsoft 365 and Teams accounts, so you can access subject resources.

If you have an exam related query, please do not hesitate to contact our exams team by completing the below contact form;


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