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The Finance and Resources Committee has oversight of financial, human and physical resource matters as directed by the Corporation.

It oversees the overarching Finance, HR, Estates and IT strategies, recommends the appropriate policies and monitors enactment of the strategic ambitions in relation to:

  • Financial matters relating to financial health and solvency
  • Human Resources
  • Physical Resources, including Estates and IT Systems and recommendation of capital bids

Finance and Resources Committee membership

The Finance and Resources Committee membership comprises: 

  • Martyn Marples (Finance and Resources Committee Chair)
  • Andrew Cochrane
  • Phil Dover
  • Mandie Stravino

Finance and Resources Committee Terms of Reference

The Finance and Resources Committee Terms of Reference were last updated in December 2022 and can be found FRC Terms of Reference. 

The quoracy for the Committee is laid out in the Terms of Reference.

Finance and Resources Minutes