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Childcare Courses at DCG

If you’d like a career where you can play a vital role in children’s lives during those all-important early years – and help them towards a brighter future – a Childcare course is your first step. DCG will help you qualify as a capable, confident and caring early years professional.

Whether you’re looking to work with babies, toddlers or primary pupils, DCG equips you with practical skills and theoretical understanding in child development and education. Your studies will pave the way to immensely rewarding roles such as early years practitioner, family support worker, childminder, playworker, community worker and behaviour analyst.

Through our collaborations with nurseries, playgroups, schools and children’s centres, you’ll gain all the first-hand experience you need. We’ve even invested in an immersive virtual laboratory at College which can replicate early years workplace settings.

We led the way in introducing the T Level in Education and Early Years which combines technical knowledge with a substantial industrial placement. We also support various apprenticeships for the children and young people’s workforce and deliver part-time and workplace-based qualifications for those already in the profession. If you’re aiming higher, our Foundation Degree Children and Young People includes an Early Years pathway.

good evening everyone welcome to the

Darby college group information evening

I’m here to talk to you tonight about

our childcare courses here at the

Roundhouse but I will give you a bit of

background knowledge about the college

first to put everything into perspective

for you we have a multitude of support

areas available to every student at

Darby college group from the moment we

meet you right up until you have

completed your study program and are

deciding on your next steps as you will

see this evening

Darby college group has invested in

first class industry standard equipment

which you can view in more detail after

this presentation we do everything we

can to help you succeed during your time

here and this has been recognized by

Ofsted who have graded us as a good

provider which is the second highest

rating that is available to any school

or college

we have teamed up with career coach

which is designed to help you find a

good career by providing the most

current local data on wages employment

job postings and associated education

and training so here is a breakdown of

each of our full-time childcare courses

at Darby college group courses are

offered from entry level up to level 3

with the possible option after

completing level 3 to progress on to a

foundation degree we will be offering

the new level 3 childcare tier level

from September so you can see there’s

definitely a course that’s right for you

the mission of Darby college group is to

predict and serve the needs of our

business and civic communities we are

committed to working in partnership with

employers to co-create talent for the

success of the region generate new jobs

increase social mobility and bolster

economic prosperity and as you can see

here there are some examples of the

employers that the childcare Academy

currently work with

if you were to enroll on a childcare

course at Derby college you will be

required to attend placement for most

levels in order to attend placement you

will have to have a satisfactory DVS

check and you would need to purchase a

uniform in order to attend placement

Derby College has a significant impact

on many individuals businesses and the

wider community we are committed to

producing a talent pool equipped with

the right skills and attitudes to meet

the needs of employers we are proud of

our contribution to economic growth and

social prosperity and you can see see

below some examples of what job roles

our students have gone on to do after

they’ve left us at Derby college now

please feel free to have a look around

and ask any questions you may have we

also have our student helpers showcasing

some of their work this evening so take

a look at that too and ask them any

questions about their experience at dog

Derby college that you may have we have

a detailed step-by-step guide on how to

apply which is accessible from both our

website and in our prospectus that you

should have been given tonight

here is a summarized breakdown of the

steps you can expect to take during the

application process with Derby college


Childcare – Course Listings

Offsite (1)

The Roundhouse (1)

Course Type: Adult and Community
Location: The Roundhouse
Start Date: Flexible

Workplace (2)

Course Type: Adult and Community
Location: Workplace
Start Date: Flexible

Course Type: Adult and Community
Location: Workplace
Start Date: Flexible

Offsite (2)

Course Type: Apprenticeships
Location: Offsite
Start Date: Flexible

Course Type: Apprenticeships
Location: Offsite
Start Date: Flexible

Workplace (1)

Course Type: Apprenticeships
Location: Workplace
Start Date: Flexible

Broomfield Hall (1)

Course Type: School Leaver - Vocational/Technical
Location: Broomfield Hall

The Roundhouse (2)

Course Type: School Leaver - Vocational/Technical
Location: The Roundhouse

Course Type: School Leaver - Vocational/Technical
Location: The Roundhouse

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Key Information

You’ll be taught by staff with strong professional backgrounds in the early years sector who can keep you up to date with latest thinking on issues such as children’s learning, development and behaviour, child protection and safeguarding, and how to plan inspiring educational activities. Ours is a friendly and approachable teaching team, totally dedicated to your success.

Our staff have forged thriving links with employers – opening the doors for you to benefit from meaningful work-related activity such as placements, workplace visits, guest lectures and community volunteering projects. They will also ensure you improve your employability with skills in areas like communication, team working, problem-solving, and equality, diversity and inclusion.

Discover our campuses and facilities here. Each campus page contains:

  • 360-degree images of our facilities
  • A location map
  • A list of courses that are run at the campus
  • Student Success Stories
To find out more about our Childcare courses, attend our next course and career event or contact us on 0800 028 0289
Press the Apply Now button, that can be found at the top and bottom of every course information page and follow the instructions for the InTouch applications portal. If you are unable to apply online, contact Student Services who will help you complete your application form and will be able to help and guide you to make a decision on the course of study to meet your needs and ambitions.

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