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T Level Courses

at DCG



You now have a new study option after you’ve completed your GCSES: welcome to the world of T Levels. A T Level is a two-year qualification which brings together classroom learning and an extended industry placement on a programme designed in partnership with businesses. You’ll spend 80% of your time in the classroom and 20% with an employer to gain valuable industry insights.

Equivalent to three A-levels, a T Level equips you with the knowledge and experience you need to get straight into employment, an apprenticeship or higher education. The T stands for ‘technical’ and your studies will include core theory, concepts and skills for a specific industry area.

NEW for Adults

T Levels will be available to adults in the following sectors: Construction – Design, Surveying and Planning; Digital Production Design and Development; Education and Childcare; Health and Science. So if you’re over 19 and want to gain a recognised qualification, retrain or re-skill then look no further, this qualification has been designed and developed by working alongside employers to meet the needs of industry

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They’ve been developed with over 200 top-name employers to give you the skills and knowledge you need.

You’ll spend at least 45 days on industry placement to learn what a real career is like while you’re continuing your studies.

On passing your T Level, you’ll receive a nationally recognised certificate to help you move into skilled employment or a higher apprenticeship.

Your qualification will also be worth UCAS points if you want to continue into higher education at university or college. A T Level Distinction* is worth the same as three A-levels at A* grade.

T Level Students at Derby College Group


i chose this t-level

because it is computer science and

business which were two of my favorite

subjects for gcse

i chose this course because it’s very

comprehensive and it provides me with

the knowledge and the work placement

that you can’t find anywhere else

i chose this t-level because i was

offered it from one of the members of

staff who thought

it would be better for me because

there’d be more work experience involved

i chose this course because i didn’t

know what i wanted to do and

i looked at this course with a helper in


and they actually led me onto it because

i knew i wanted to do something in

construction and it was different and i

didn’t have to pick exactly what i

wanted to do at the time

i chose this course because i’ve always

known that i’ve wanted to work in child


ever since i was little and it just

feels like the best way to get there

i chose this course because ever since

i’ve been a young age like

five i’ve always wanted to do child care

the career i wish to do in the future

is a programmer the career that i want

to go into is structural engineering

i’m hoping to be a quantity surveyor i

either want to be a primary school

teacher or a child care social worker

the career i want to go into is a

primary school teacher

the course is how i thought it would be

because it is taught in a way that

prepares you for a future job

so to somebody who wants to do t levels

i would 100 recommend it to you

because it’s a lot more rewarding as you

get industry experience

and overall you learn a lot more about

the business environment

you also learn a lot of on-job

experience which you can’t learn by

simply being spoken to about

or being taught about in lessons i would

say to do it because

i know that a lot of people out there

will get the pressure of feeling like

they have to a-levels

and when you come to derby college

there’s lots of courses that will be


relevant to your career so it will make

you more employable and it will make you

be able to learn about it for your


i would say that it is a great

opportunity and it’s a more hands-on


and you get to do a placement it

provides me with so much opportunity

as i said i wanted to be a structural

engineer but this course also allows me


possibly become a project manager and

architect a quantity surveyor if i chose


the thing that i’m looking forward to

most about my course is work experience

as i am working with rolls royce which

is a very well renowned company

the industry placement will help me

develop personal skills such as my


and working in a team and my

communication skills

so what i’m most looking forward to on

my work placement is working alongside


and being given this knowledge and


in which i won’t be able to find

anywhere else the skills that the

industry placement is going to give me

is to be able to give me work experience

and get me work ready for later on in


i’m looking forward to getting more


in the classroom and at placement

i think my industry placement will give

me a

boost in confidence and give me the

ability to work well in a team

i definitely think doing a t level will

give me the edge over other people

because it’s going to allow me to

make a relationship with loads of

different employers

the best thing about the t level is that

you’re learning the knowledge but you’re

also getting the experience

and what you’re doing is going to help

children in the future but it also

helps you as well i’m glad i’m doing the

t level because it’s a much more

enjoyable way of learning




We’re among the first colleges selected by the government to launch T Level qualifications as a high-quality technical alternative to A-levels and apprenticeships.

We were chosen because of our strong existing partnerships with employers and our track record in promoting work experience, problem-based learning and work-related projects.


We offer a selection of T Levels ranging from:

Construction: Design, Surveying and Planning – helping you get to grips with how the construction industry works, the principles of design and the role of technology and sustainability. You’ll then have the chance to specialise in areas such as civil engineering, building services design, hazardous material analysis and surveying.

Digital Production, Design and Development – exploring data and digital systems, how software and business interact, security, testing, planning and legal issues. You’ll also develop specialist skills in understanding user needs and designing digital systems.

Education and Childcare – with core studies covering child development, how education works and topics such as safeguarding and special educational needs. You can then focus on areas including early years education and childcare, assisting teaching, and supporting and mentoring students in further and higher education.

Management and Administration – The team Leadership/Management pathway, provides you with the invaluable opportunity to put your learning, knowledge, and skills into practice in a real workplace environment. Industry placements also give employers a unique opportunity to develop new talent and help you become work ready. With core studies that cover; the business context, people, business behaviours, quality and compliance, finance principles, policies and procedures as well as project and change management, this programme will fully prepare you for employment, apprenticeship or higher education. The Team Leadership/Management occupational specialism will allow you to build on the skills, knowledge, and behaviours from the core studies and develop these within the specialism of Team Leadership/Management.

More T Levels will come on stream in the years to come, until 25 subjects are covered.

T Level Course Listings at DCG


T Level Digital Production, Design and Development

Course Type: School Leaver - Vocational/Technical
Location: Joseph Wright Centre
Subject Area: IT, Digital Skills and Computer Science


T Level in Construction: Design, Surveying and Planning

Course Type: School Leaver - Vocational/Technical
Location: Hudson Building
Subject Area: Professional Construction


T Level In Digital Support Services

Course Type: School Leaver - Vocational/Technical
Location: Joseph Wright Centre
Subject Area: IT, Digital Skills and Computer Science


T Level In Education and Childcare

Course Type: School Leaver - Vocational/Technical
Location: Broomfield Hall
Subject Area: Childcare


T Level in Engineering and Manufacturing: Design & Development

Course Type: School Leaver - Vocational/Technical
Location: The Roundhouse
Subject Area: Engineering


T Level In Health

Course Type: School Leaver - Vocational/Technical
Location: The Roundhouse
Subject Area: Health


T Level in Management and Administration (Year 1)

Course Type: School Leaver - Vocational/Technical
Location: The Roundhouse
Subject Area: Business, Leadership and Management


T Level In Science

Course Type: School Leaver - Vocational/Technical
Location: Joseph Wright Centre
Subject Area: Science


DCG T Level Employer Guide

T Levels

A T Level is a nationally-recognised qualification for 16 to 19-year-olds that takes 2 years to complete. Leading businesses and employers have helped designed T Levels to give you the knowledge and skills you need. They’re equal to 3 A levels.

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