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Student Experience and Pastoral Support Team

Welcome from Aaron Denton Director for Student Experience and Pastoral Support

Aaron Denton

Welcome! I oversee and lead the Student Experience and Pastoral team which promotes high standards of behaviour, attendance and engagement of all students to support their learning, progress and intended destination. The team is on hand to coach and mentor students through their academic studies on a one:one or group basis as well as enriching their experiences through organising and delivering extra-curricular activities. The team also nurtures and support students in their work placement to develop the skills in which our employers require.

I am also the lead for Care Experienced Young People and Young Carers as well as leading the Group Wide Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging Steering Group.

Student Experience and Pastoral Coaches

Every full-time student has a Student Experience and Pastoral Coach who is responsible for the student experience within their allocated academies.

As well as monitoring student’s attendance and progress, the Student Experience and Pastoral Coach will coach individuals and small groups of students, covering, but not limited to:

  • The links between being a student and the wider community
  • Study skills support and development
  • Social, Emotional and Behaviour support
  • Review of the students’ study programme progress and intended destinations
  • Coach students through developing their personal and social barriers to learning
  • Organising and delivering extra-curricular activities

Every curriculum area at DCG has a Student Experience & Pastoral Coach who supports students in that area.

To contact the pastoral coaches email:

5 Ps of Professional Behaviour

At DCG we have a set of behaviours we expect our students to aspire to; the ‘5 Ps of Professional Behaviour’ which are:

Positive: Being open-minded, willing to listen and celebrating diversity.
Polite: Speaking respectfully and appropriately.
Punctual: Arriving in class ready to begin learning on time.
Prepared: Being equipped and ready for lessons with a can-do attitude.
Professional: In dress, language and behaviour.

You can find out more by watching the video below.

hello and welcome to the five piece of

professional behavior these are the five

things we expect our employees and

students to aspire to they are positive

polite punctual prepared and

professional the reason we have these

expectations is so that everybody

understands the types of behaviors that

we want to promote and see at college

the five PS will live with you

throughout your journey at Darby college

they are not to measure or a label they

are an aspirational part of your journey

and a part we hope that you can engage

with and recognize in your own unique

way we understand that everyone is

different some people are bubbly and

full of energy

whilst others are quiet and prefer to be

in the background and of course

everything in between but our

expectation is that everyone is positive

about these differences and that they

try to see the positive in their own and

others differences if we are positive in

our outlook about ourselves and others

we will have a positive college


as with positive we understand that

different people will have different

expectations and perspectives about what

is and isn’t polite our view is that we

are all at college for the same reason

to learn in and to develop into the best

citizens and professionals that we can

be by being polite in understanding the

expectations of others and how we

interact and communicate with them we

are supporting this learning and

development by avoiding unnecessary

misunderstandings disagreements and

interruptions to learning politeness

isn’t just about what we say and do it

is about listening to the people around

you and learning what their expectations

are this one is simple if your put your

and on time for all lessons you won’t

miss any learning and won’t be

distraction to the learning of others we

understand that sometimes you may be

late due to matters outside of your

control so please in these circumstances

use the online absence and lateness

notification system on our website under

Quick Links and that’s it for this one

being prepared isn’t just about having

the right stationary equipment and

personal protective equipment with you

although this is of course important it

is also about having a prepared attitude

being prepared to learn prepare to

challenge yourself and prepare to meet

these expectations by being prepared

with your kit and in your person you’re

being prepared to succeed by being

positive in your outlook polite in your

interactions punch wall to your lessons

and prepare to learn we believe you will

be behaving in a professional way

these expectations are also our

expectations of ourselves and our

employees and also believe that they are

the expectations of any successful

workplace thank you for listening and

watching this short presentation look

out for the five PS around college if

you have any questions and/or wish to

discuss these expectations with someone

please talk to your personal tutor or

progression coach thank you and goodbye


Digital Code of Conduct

When you study at DCG it’s important that you follow our Digital Code of Conduct at all times, that applies to both College owned devices and personal devices. To find out more watch the video below.

welcome to this Darby College video

guide to the new digital Code of Conduct

while this digital code of conduct has

been created mainly because of a change

to learning from home it is still

appropriate whenever you are using any

college systems whether on a college

campus or at your home this video will

give you an overview of four key points

you need to know for a full copy of the

digital code of conduct visit the Darby

College website it’s important that all

students approach online learning

exactly the same way as they would

approach classroom learning you will

need to be on time and ready to start

learning at the plan lesson start time

making sure that you still attend all of

your scheduled lessons you should be

polite and respectful of others and make

sure you addressed appropriately for any

video calls as you would be in college

turn off any devices that you do not

need for the class so you aren’t

distracted by them make sure you pay

attention to any instructions from your

teacher and act on them make sure you

follow all the IT rules in place into

college which you can remind yourself

off by checking the College website

never share your login details to

college systems with anyone else or try

to access the account to someone else

anything happens on your account if you

have let another person gain access to

MIT is your responsibility and could

lead to disciplinary action against you

if appropriate if you think someone has

found out your password

change it as soon as possible remember

that you aren’t allowed to share any

inappropriate content which includes

pornography violence illegal or

offensive material while you are taking

part in online lessons or communications

with others from the college you are not

allowed to record these unless you have

permission from all of us in the session

you are also not allowed to share

recordings of lessons unless a teacher

has given you permission you should only

drink appropriate soft drinks such as

water during a lesson drinking alcohol

is not allowed during a lesson you

should keep yourself muted unless you

need to say something and try to

minimize any background noise when you

are talking use the raise hand feature

in teams to get the teachers attention

if you need to

if you’re expecting a phone call or

other interaction during the lesson let

the teacher know in advance do not

engage in cyberbullying or anything that

could be mistaken for bullying as it’s

very easy to misinterpret something

someone has said when you aren’t with

them in person remember that any work

you submit must be your own with

references properly added for material

created by others you are allowed to

change your profile picture on Microsoft

Eames but if you do this it must be to a

likeness of your face only with nothing

inappropriate permitted you can view a

full version of the digital code of

conduct on the Darby College website if

you have any questions about this video

please speak to your personal tutor or

your progression coach

Inclusion, Diversity and Belonging Calendar

At DCG we celebrate and value the diversity of our students and employees and we are committed to equality of opportunity for all, regardless of age, sexual orientation, ethnicity, gender, disability, social background and family responsibilities. Explore our DERBY COLLEGE GROUP INCLUSION, DIVERSITY AND BELONGING CALENDAR (PDF)



2020 Digital Code of Conduct (PDF)

COVID-19 Addendum to Positive Behaviour Policy (PDF)

Positive Behaviour Policy (PDF)