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Parent Portal

Accessing the Parent Portal

video on parent portal covering what it is and how you can access it parent portal is a system for parents and carers to easily get some information about how the student is doing at college it shows current attendance and punctuality levels provides details to the targets that have been formally set for the student across the year and how they are currently doing and also gives access to progress logs which are formal statements about the effort and achievement taken at a few set points in the year to access parent portal visit the college website at hover over the parents heading then click on parent portal this information page tells you how you can log in along with answering some faqs scroll down to cvs and to get to the link where you click to log in to log in you will need the college id number for the student and their date of birth enter the college id number as the username followed by a lowercase p as in the example the password will be the date of birth of a student in ddm yyyy format but this can be changed after you’ve logged in for the first time if you are having any trouble logging in check the hints on screen now or use a contact email listed on the parent portal information page for more assistance when you successfully log in to parent portal you will see percentages for attendance and punctuality with more information available when you click the more button in the relevant box progress logs can be accessed here by clicking the more button in this box if you click student irp in the top corner that’ll give you both these options plus one to see about targets that have been formally set for the student if you aren’t sure about anything you see on parent portal or you want to discuss what you’ve seen with someone please contact the personal tutor for the student or book an appointment at one of our parents evenings which are held regularly throughout the year

Parents and legal guardians have access to the Parent Portal in most cases. To access the portal you need to login with the following username and password:

Username – this is the student’s college ID number followed by a “p”. e.g. 355663p
Password – initially this is the student’s date of birth in the format ddmmyyyy e.g. 01091998

You may change your password to something of your own choosing after login – once logged in, see the ‘Parent’s Guide to the Portal’ for guidance.

Login to the Parents Portal

For login problems and queries, please complete this form: Parents Portal Login Enquiries

Parent’s Portal – Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, the student has access to all this information via Proportal. Students access this using the ILP panels on the homepage of Moodle using the same login that they use to get into college computers. The student probably already uses this system at college.
Assuming the student in question has consented to share information with you, check the following:
  1. First, check that you have used the login as described above – you will need the student’s ID number which is on their college ID card. It’s also quite common for people to forget the “p” after the students ID number – this is what identifies the login as being from a parent, so it’s as well to double check that it was included (e.g. 569117p).
  2. We have found that some work places and institutional locations block access to parent logins due to internal security. If possible, you may want to try from home or another connection. Sometimes simply trying from another computer or device may also help. Parents Portal will work on a smart phone with a 4G connection.
Please use the contact e-mail above and we’ll check your account details.
Please use the contact e-mail above and we’ll unlock or reset your account
As long as the device is connected to the internet, such as broadband or 4G, yes you can. We have tested Parents Portal on iPhone, iPad as well as Android phones and tablets, (e.g. Samsung, HTC, Huawei, Motorola etc).