Learner conduct and discipline


We expect and anticipate that you will behave appropriately at all times while at Derby College. This means that both you and the learners around you will get the best from your College experience.

Your time at the College will give you the opportunity to evidence the knowledge, skills and attitudes that are required to be successful in the world of work. Good attendance and behaviour, adherence to our Code of Conduct and respecting fellow staff and learners will demonstrate the key attributes that employers are looking for.

Your behaviour, attendance, attitude and standard of work will always be monitored by your Personal Coach. Anything they find is a cause for concern will be discussed with you and you will be given an opportunity to address it.

However, if these problems persist, you may become involved in the Learner Disciplinary Procedure.

Learner Disciplinary Procedure Here at Derby College we have high expectations of learner behaviour and take misconduct very seriously so please THINK about the impact that your actions may have on yourself and others around you.

Should your behaviour be of concern, then you will be subject to the disciplinary process outlined below. The severity of the behaviour/incident will determine the stage of the disciplinary process that is applied. A serious breach of the Code of Conduct could result in an acceleration of the process outlined below. Copies of the Managing Learner Behaviour and Disciplinary Policy, Procedure and Guidelines are available on Moodle and MyDay.

During any stage of the disciplinary procedure you can talk to and receive advice from your Students’ Union. All the advice and guidance is FREE and independent of the College.


After 6 months of issuing the verbal warning this disciplinary sanction can be reviewed by the team manager and removed from the learner record (Promonitor) if the learner has no further concerns regarding their behaviour.

Award for Learners

Derby College celebrates and rewards good behaviour and attendance and, as part of this, promotes an award for learners who demonstrate positive behaviour.

Keeping you safe

If you think that you have suffered – or are suffering from – any form of abuse (e.g. physical, sexual, emotional, stealing, discrimination, neglect), there are Safeguarding Officers available on all main College campuses to help and support you. Posters are displayed around the College which will show you who the Safeguarding Officers are on your campus. .

You can report any concerns that you have to a trusted member of staff and/or Learner Services, who will be able to ensure that you are given the correct support. Alternatively, you can contact the College helpline on: (01332) 387 499.

Helen Jefferson

Helen Jefferson

Head of Ilkeston and Learner Support Services

Helen has responsibility for cross college student support services and is the Designated Safeguarding Lead for Derby College.
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