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Careers Guidance Services

What we support with

The Careers and Guidance Service is available to help you with any decisions related to your future career path. Our experienced team will help you make a well informed and realistic decision about your next step.

The team offers support to all students who are studying with the Derby College Group, including;

  • Further Education Students
  • Apprentices
  • Higher Education Students
  • Adult and Community Education Learners

We help to clarify option choices and progression pathways. Such as:

  • Apprenticeships
  • Employment
  • Self-employment and business start up
  • Further Education
  • Higher Education (University)
  • Gap year

We work with you to:

Explore your skills and options

  • We help you to uncover possibilities, of what you could do and what is out there for you in relation to learning and employment. Career Coach is designed to help you find a good career by providing the most current local data on wages, employment, job postings, and associated education and training. Access Career Coach.
  • Decision-making, working with you if you are unsure and undecided about your career possibilities or if you can’t decide which option is best for you

Develop your knowledge, skills and abilities

  • We work with you to identify your strengths, skills and abilities
  • We help you to plan, develop and move your career ideas forward

Apply and be successful:

  • We help you to find jobs or the right learning and training opportunity for you
  • We help you prepare for the application process. This could be helping you to draft a CV, application form or create a social media profile
  • We help with Interviews and assessment centres by helping you prepare and practise
  • And we help with all the detail associated with options like understanding student finance

The team is here for all students, from those who are looking to start their careers or take career development opportunities to those wanting to change career direction

What we deliver:

Careers support pre entry

  • The team are present at all information evenings for advice and guidance on your options and course selection
  • We host online career chats and webinars, advertised on the website
  • Referrals to our support can be made via the website or the student service helpline
  • Pre course guidance appointments can be arranged to help you assess what study options would most suit your career plans
  • Careers information and resources are on the website for immediate access and are aimed at supporting your career decisions.
  • Career Coach is a programme available to you to help you generate career ideas which link to our courses
  • Careers support whilst studying at College

    • We provide up to date careers information on careers, pathway progression and labour market intelligence. This is available on the website and your moodle site when at college
    • Deliver group work sessions on careers and employability topics and via drop-in sessions/requests
    • Provide a comprehensive and tailored careers education programme that is delivered by us, your tutors and progression coaches in tutor time
    • We organise and work with others to provide career events such as a progression fairs, visiting speakers and visits to employers and Higher Education Institutions
    • We provide one to one support in the shape of a careers interviews to address any careers questions you have from wanting to change course, work part time, or consider your future options
    • We have specialist careers programmes such as KUDOS, Career Coach and UNIFROG, to support with your option choices and planning plus have an online planning tool and career resources within the College libraries
    • We work closely with staff to develop IAG services and provision across the college

    Careers support for Parent/Carers:

    We are keen to ensure you are kept up to date with careers information advice and guidance in relation to careers information, pathways and the world of work and work

    The resources on our website are open for you to view and we are keen to answer any questions you have about careers.

    We have a dedicated parents section for parents and carers and will send career alerts to you via our agreed parent communication channels.

    Careers Guidance Services

    Who we are and how to contact us:

    We can be contacted via phone on: 0800 028 0289

    Or via email:

    When you are studying with us you can book appointments at the Student Services Help desks, directly with us via our email system or our new online booking system and by a referral from your tutor, progression coach or work experience coordinator.
    Services can be delivered by email, telephone, skype, TEAMS and in person.

    If you have additional support needs that would be useful for us to be aware of please make us aware.

    The Careers Guidance Service Team

    All of our team are experienced careers advisers and deliver services across the different sites. Support is available daily from the team.

    Meet the Team
    Katie Seymour-Smith

    Katie Seymour-Smith

    Team Manager for Careers and Guidance Services

    Level 6 Qualification in Careers Guidance (QCG), NVQ level 4 Advice and Guidance, Careers Education Diploma, MBTI and is HFEA qualified. Katie manages the careers team and provides support to our Higher Education students, adult and community learners and those on apprenticeships

    Jane Boswell

    Jane Boswell

    Careers Adviser

    Level 6 Diploma in Careers Guidance, NVQ Level 4 Advice and Guidance, provides careers guidance services at Broomfield Hall College and Ilkeston Community College

    Jayne Nelson

    Jayne Nelson

    Careers Adviser

    Level 6 Diploma in Careers Guidance and Diploma in Careers Education, provides careers guidance services at The Joseph Wright College

    Rachel Hobson

    Rachel Hobson

    Careers Adviser

    Level 6 Diploma in Careers Guidance, provides careers guidance services at the Roundhouse and the Joseph Wright Centre

    Paul Hibbitt

    Paul Hibbitt

    Careers Assistant

    Level 6 Diploma in Careers Guidance, provides careers guidance services at Roundhouse College and the Joseph Wright Centre

    Helen Jefferson

    Helen Jefferson

    Director of Services for Students

    Helen is a member of the Senior Leadership Team with responsibility for the strategic direction and operational delivery of all services for students and the Careers Advice Strategy. She is the designated Careers Leader for the Derby College Group. Helen is a qualified careers guidance professional and holds the Level 6 Diploma in Careers Guidance and the Diploma in Careers Education

    The Careers Programme:

    Our full Information, Advice and Guidance offer is available for you to view here. This reflects all of those services who support our students with information Advice and Guidance (IAG) including the Work Experience Team, DANCOP , Progression Coaches, The Apprenticeship Team, Roundhouse Recruitment and our pre 16 programme. It shows what we do and when with key events and dates identified.

    Derby College Careers Programme (PDF)

    The student entitlement:

    This details our promise to students at the Derby College Group
    Careers Education Information and Guidance Entitlement for Students at Derby College (PDF)

    The student journey: shows the different stages of career planning mapped against the support we refer to internally and externally

    The Careers Education Policy: The college is committed to IAG, please view our policy.
    Careers Education and Guidance Policy (PDF)

    Delivering Excellence:

    The Derby College Group is committed to actively maintaining a Quality in Careers Standard Award as recommended in statutory guidance for impartial Careers Guidance. Consequently Career Mark Gold Award was achieved for the fourth consecutive time in June 2018. Career Mark is one of the 12 national awards recognised as a Quality in Careers Standard. In addition The Careers Programme at Derby College adheres to the Matrix National Quality Standards for Information, Advice and Guidance (IAG).

    Leadership Group

    The Derby College Group has established a Careers Leadership Group who meet on a monthly basis. The purpose of the Careers Leadership Group is to oversee the strategic direction and implementation of the DCG Careers Advice Strategy. The group ensures the effective implementation of the Department For Education Careers Strategy (Dec 2017) and good practice Gatsby Benchmarks

    The core members of the Careers Leadership Group will include:

    • Director of Services for Students (Careers Leader/Chair)
    • Team Manager, Careers Guidance Services (Deputy Chair)
    • Heads of College/Faculty Head representative
    • Head of Inclusion and Support
    • Head of Behaviour for Learning
    • Assistant Director – Work experience and Employer Partnerships.
    • Roundhouse Recruitment and Customer Care Manager
    • Apprentice Manager
    • Careers Adviser

    Derby College Group Student Eco System

    The College has a range of support services to enable all students to progress into a positive destination. More about the services available

    Working in partnership with Employers

    The College enjoys a close working relationship with its partners in order to ensure we provide them with the talent they require for the future.

    The College demonstrates high levels of flexibility and creativity in responding to our employers' needs. Our partnerships span our educational offer and include multi-faceted collaborations. Our creation of Employment and Skills Academies supports Students with enriched work experience and internships, access to workplace visits, mentors and guru lectures. Local Advisory Boards, made up of sector-specific employers and stakeholders, enhance the Student experience and ensure effective and successful transition to employment or higher education. The College further supports employers by providing a full apprenticeship recruitment service to meet their individual business needs.
    For more information see Employers section

    Counselling Services

    Derby College Counselling Service

    If you are experiencing difficulties which may be affecting your studies, you can refer yourself to the college's counselling service.

    Our accredited counsellors are approachable, non-judgemental and have experience in working with many different kinds of issues.

    Privacy Notice

    Our Privacy Notice describes what Derby College Group does with the personal information it is provided with. You may be asked to give the College personal information to become a student, client or to use college systems and services.

    Privacy Notice (PDF)

    Contact Us

    Contact us in confidence by one of the methods shown below. A member of the Counselling Team will respond by your preferred method as soon as possible.


    Please go to Moodle > Services > Counselling Service

    Call / Text

    Broomfield Hall, Ilkeston
    07799 837 934

    Joseph Wright Centre, The Roundhouse (incl. Johnson and Hudson)

    Online Form

    Please access and fill out the confidential online form below: (please note: you may have to sign in using your college credentials)

    Counselling Form

    Fees & Financial Assistance

    Fee Information

    Full-time Courses

    Full-time courses are free to students who meet the three-year residency requirement and who are under 19 years of age on the 31st August in the year in which their programme of study commences. UK students who are 19 and over will need to pay tuition fees and also the relevant registration and exam fees. UK students who are over 19 and studying for a Level 3 or higher qualification may be eligible for a 19+ Advanced Learner Loan.

    Part-time Adult Courses

    UK students aged 19 and over will need to pay tuition fees as well as the relevant registration and exam fees.

    More Information »

    Higher Education Course Fees

    Studying a university level course at Derby College is considerably less expensive than most other options. Our fees compare favourably with university tuition fees and because you have the convenience of studying locally, you won't face the same level of costs for accommodation and transport. For more information on HE course fees, please consult the following PDF documents.

    You could be eligible for a student loan for your higher education course, check with the Student Loan Company (Opens in new tab)

    HE Fees

    Part-time HE Fee Guide

    Full-time HE Fee Guide

    Disabled Students Allowance Guide

    Advanced Learner Loans

    Qualify now, pay later with an Advanced Learner Loan. If you are aged 19 or over, you could now qualify for a new type of loan to help pay for your tuition fees as you prepare for your next step up the career ladder.

    Read More »

    Tuition Fees for Overseas Students

    Tuition fees for full-time overseas students range from course to course and level to level. For further information, please contact

    Privacy Notice

    Our Privacy Notice describes what Derby College Group does with the personal information it is provided with. You may be asked to give the College personal information to become a student, client or to use college systems and services.

    Privacy Notice (PDF)

    Visit our International Section for More Information »

    If you are concerned that money troubles might affect your studies while you're at Derby College, we can offer advice and guidance on the financial support opportunities available to you.

    We’re committed to helping you overcome any financial barriers which might prevent you from making the most of your educational opportunities.

    Here, you can find information about bursaries, 19+ learner loans, lifelong learning accounts and other financial assistance that may be available.

    public transport derby college

    Bursaries for students aged 16-18

    We provide two bursaries to help with the costs associated with studying: the Discretionary Bursary and the Guarantee Bursary. They are available to students aged 16-18 who are enrolled on our further education courses – either full-time or part-time – and who meet the right criteria.

    More Information »

    Bursaries for students aged 19+

    Derby College has a Learner Support Fund which can help you towards the costs associated with studying.

    It is available to students aged 19+ who are enrolled on further education courses, either full-time or part-time, and who meet the eligibility criteria. Funding is not available for students on apprenticeships, higher education or full-cost courses where other funding rules may apply. You must also meet the residency criteria.

    More Information »

    Lifelong Learning Accounts

    Adult students at Derby College are eligible for a Lifelong Learning Account.

    Who is eligible for a Lifelong Learning Account?

    The Lifelong Learning Account is available to adults 19+throughout England and Job Centre Plus claimants or offenders in the community aged 18+.

    What is a Lifelong Learning Account?

    A Lifelong Learning Account is a free online service offering you greater flexibility and choice in developing your skills. Your Lifelong Learning Account is personal to you, tailored to match your circumstances and needs, helping you to organise your learning and career.

    It provides you with a range of tools, the results of which can be stored in a secure single access point that you can return to and update.

    What will your Lifelong Learning Account do for you?

    A Lifelong Learning Account can help you take control of your future and provides you with access to relevant, up-to-date information on the training and funding options available to you.

    There are four main benefits to a Lifelong Learning Account:

    CV Builder

    • The CV builder can help you create a professional-looking CV using an easy-to-understand process

    Skills Health Check and Action Plan

    • Identify the skills you have, using the online assessment tools
    • Match your skills to possible job roles
    • Plan and manage the information to help you make the right choices
    • Share this information with learning providers and advisers

    Course Search

    • Choose the right course for you
    • Save your choices and find out how to apply

    Find Funding

    • Find out if you can get funding
    • Track how much money you and the Government have spent on your recent learning

    How do I open a Lifelong Learning Account?

    Inclusion and Support

    Supporting you all the way

    Our experienced and approachable staff are dedicated to your success

    The Inclusion and Support Service at Derby College is here to help you maximise your potential and reach your learning goals.

    We offer support on all college sites in-class, outside of the classroom, with exams and assessments and in the wider college environment. This support is to enable you to access all available opportunities and to have the most positive learning experience whilst studying at Derby College. Whatever learning difficulty or disability you may have, we can offer tailored support to match your individual needs.

    We work in partnership with teaching staff, other internal services and external organisations to provide a person-centred approach. The support we offer is regularly reviewed and our aim, where possible, is to guide you towards independence. We are a part of the Local Offer.

    Contact us

    You can talk to us about your support needs before you apply to College, at enrolment or at any time during your course. We'll be happy to help.

    You can contact us on 0800 028 0289 or email us at

    What is the Local Offer?

    From September 2014 Local Authorities, schools and colleges are required to publish and keep under review information about services available to children and young people from 0 to 25 with Special Educational Needs (SEN). This is called the ‘Local Offer’. The intention is for children, young people, carers, parents and professionals to have access to the most up-to-date and relevant information regarding the services available.

    For more information about what is available locally to Derby please follow the links:

    Derby City Local Offer »

    Derbyshire Local Offer »

    inclusion and support

    At Derby College we support learners with:

    We can also support other specific learning difficulties. Please contact the team for more information or if you have any concerns.

    Further Information »

    The types of support we offer are:

    • Support at interview
    • Individual tutorials
    • In-class support (readers, scribes and prompts)
    • Mobility support
    • Note taking
    • Communication support
    • Specialist resources and equipment e.g. laptops with specialist software, dictaphones etc.
    • Counselling
    • Modification of learning materials e.g. into braille
    • Personal care
    • Exam access arrangements
    • Specialist areas on all sites

    Who delivers this support?

    Within the team we have experienced and qualified support workers, teachers, communicators and assessors who are committed to offering the support you need.

    inclusion and support team

    So that we can provide this support we will:

    • Make arrangements to support you at interview (please request this at application)
    • Meet with you to discuss your needs and complete a Support Plan
    • Attend Education Health Care Plan (EHCP) meetings and reviews (if applicable)
    • Put support in place to enable you to access the opportunities you require to achieve
    • Liaise on a regular basis with teaching staff to share the relevant information and provide updates regarding your support
    • Support teaching staff with information and training about specific learning difficulties and disabilities
    • Review the support you receive on a regular basis
    • Discuss and agree any changes that will be made to your support with you
    • Promote your independence
    • Support your achievement and progression
    • Act in an inclusive and person-centred way at all times

    Preparing for an Interview?

    Interviews are daunting experiences. If you would benefit from preparing your answers in advance, please download a copy of our ‘Preparing for Interview’ worksheet.

    Different is Brilliant at Derby College aims to work with prospective and current students to celebrate whatmakes us brilliant: the diversity of our students and our community. Different is Brilliant supports anxious students’ transition into College, facilitates the awareness of staff and students of mental health and Autism Spectrum Conditions and celebrates all that makes us different and diverse.

    During 2017 we held 3 Getting to Know College events. The aim of these events was to familiarise students and their parents/carers/supporters with the College, our support services, our students and our staff. Prospective learners who had expressed anxiety concerns or identified as being on the autistic spectrum were invited to attend these small, safe and friendly events to be introduced to the College, have a tour and take part in an open question and answer session with staff and students.

    The events were led by Inclusion and Support Co-ordinators based at each Derby College campus and supported by Inclusion and Support Specialists, Education Support Workers, Communication Support Workers and students who have been supported by the Inclusion Service.

    This year we also developed “College and Cake”, where staff from College visit schools and deliver a short talk, engage prospective students with interactive activities, and answer any questions prospective students or parents may have.

    Every year we also do a number of personalised visits for students who require an enhanced transition into college, and plan quieter enrolment experiences on every site for any student who finds crowds, unfamiliar situations and/or noise difficult.

    Take a look at our 2017 event evaluation summary. (PDF)

    Take a look at our 2016 event evaluation summary. (PDF)

    Carl’s successes at Derby College

    Pingle School, on hearing about Carl’s successes at Derby College as our Inclusion Champion, requested if he would be prepared to visit the school to talk about his experience. Carl gracefully agreed to this and the rest is history! This is the video-log (or Vlog for those in the know!) made on the day that records Carl’s experience, and feelings, before travelling to the school, arriving at the school and then immediately following the talk.

    Are you looking for affordable and motivated Hospitality staff?

    We can provide you with hospitality staff to cover casual shifts, flexible hours from our enthusiastic and employable student cohort. We already work with a number of large hospitality and event organisations in Derby to supply them with staff in the following areas:

    • Bar Staff – must be age 18+
    • Drink Service – Bar to table service
    • Glass collectors – Tables and pre drinks bar
    • Food service - Waiting on Tables
    • Event set up – preparing venue for service
    • Kitchen work – preparing food
    • Porters – in kitchen
    Roundhouse thinking

    For more information contact:

    Employment and Skills Academies

    Be part of our Employment and Skills Academies and help shape your future workforce. Building bridges for young people to make a smooth transition from education to employment

    Employer Skills Academy
    Find Out More


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