Student Reference Requests

Whilst there is no obligation to provide a reference, Derby College will usually provide academic verification and character references in respect of current and former students (current and previous academic year only for academic references), when requested to do so by a prospective employer, educational institution or other body which has a legitimate interest in receiving such a reference.

Academic Verification

An academic verification is a confirmation letter (or email) from the College providing the dates of attendance, course(s) studied.

Character Reference

A character reference is provided by the student's personal tutor/personal coach and contains more detailed information about their academic performance.

Verification requests are usually dealt with within 5 working days (although this can sometimes be longer during busier periods such as enrolment). Character reference requests can take between 10 and 15 working days.

To enable us to provide a reference the College will need to have a signed declaration of consent from the student. Please see attached a Student Declaration Consent Form.

Student Consent Form

Once consent has been given, please send a signed copy back to the contact centre via e-mail or post.  We will need this before we can respond to any reference requests.

If you would like to request a reference regarding a Derby College current or former student, please complete the attached form:

Please fill out the dates below.

The completed request form and signed Declaration of Consent form should be sent to Derby College, 2 Pimilico, Ilkeston, Derbyshire, DE7 5JS or via e-mail to

Please ensure that you have included the following information (items marked with * must be included to enable us to search our records).

Academic verification requests are completed by the Contact Centre team.

Please note we will only respond to references using a standard Derby College format and will not complete questionnaires/forms provided by any organisation.

If you have any queries, please contact


UCAS references need to be forward to the Careers Team – The Careers Team will need to gain student consent prior to responding to a UCAS reference request.

Confirmation of Qualifications attained

For confirmation of qualifications attained, please contact with the student’s name and date of birth. Please note the Exams team will need to gain student consent and confirm legitimacy of the request prior sharing this information.

Derby College cannot provide duplicate copies of certificates. These will need to be requested by the student from the awarding body and a cost will usually be associated.

Council Tax/Tax Credits/Other Information

If you require other information relating to a current or former Derby College student, please contact Student Services for assistance. Student Services will need to gain student consent before disclosing any information unless any exemptions apply. Please contact


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