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DCG Success Stories

Jack O’Conner

Jack O'Conner

Study Type: School Leaver Vocational
Study Location: The Roundhouse
Subject Studied: Engineering

Engineering NVQ powers R-R manager’s career

Rolls-Royce manager Jack O’Connor says his Derby College engineering course was the “start of everything” for the skills needed in his career. Jack joined the aero engine giant as a semi-skilled polisher and packer of blades.

He began his Derby College Level 3 NVQ in engineering principals at the age of 23 when he was accepted by the company as an apprentice. Now aged 31, Jack is a Rolls-Royce production leader.

He is also taking a University of Warwick – Master of Science (MSc) in Engineering Business management.

Jack said he left school was “a few” GCSEs and the college course and apprenticeship provided him with a second chance to kickstart his career and build his confidence.

I can honestly say that the course was brilliant and the lecturers were great. If you went through a difficult period they were always there to support you. You could have a laugh and a joke as well, and when you take into account the facilities, you're halfway there. I was really impressed. It was the start of everything for my work, really.