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DCG Success Stories

Caitlin Cope

Caitlin Cope.

Study Type: School Leaver Vocational
Study Location: The Roundhouse
Subject Studied: Health

Caitlin secures coveted place to study paramedic science

Caitlin Cope, a former Derby College Group health and social care student, has secured a place on the paramedic science degree course at Sheffield Hallam University.

There are only a handful of universities in the UK which offer this course, so places are much coveted and competition is extremely tough.

Caitlin, who is 18, had considered going into health and social care but wasn’t sure where in the sector until she took the level 3 diploma at The Roundhouse.

She said: “I didn’t enjoy school at all. The only thing I could see myself doing was working in health and social care and by going to DCG I discovered what it was that I wanted to do at uni.

“I really loved my DCG course. I made friends instantly and we all helped each other throughout college.

“I couldn’t have done it without my friends. The lecturers were great too. Some of the lessons were harder than others but they were all good.

“Anatomy & Physiology was hard but so interesting and I found learning about dementia helpful as I work in a day-care centre for elderly people. It gave me a better understanding of the condition.”

College also helped Caitlin identify more clearly what she didn’t want to do.

She added: “We did a placement at Derby Hospital as part of the level 3. It was ok but I didn’t massively enjoy it.

“I realised I’d rather be out and about helping people than based in one place, which is why I applied to do the paramedic course.”

While at College, Caitlin also did work experience at Hickling House Elderly Day Care in Hilton, later returning as a volunteer before getting a paid job there.

She added: “Taking health and social care is really useful as it shows you what’s available.

“If you’re not sure about the health side, for example, there are lots of opportunities on the social side, such as going into the care sector or training to be a social worker.”

I really loved my DCG course. I made friends instantly and we all helped each other throughout college.