How to connect to your Derby College staff desktop externally

Remote Desktop Service

Derby College offers both staff and students access to our remote desktop service wherever you may be, on a wide variety of devices. This will give you a full Windows desktop as if you are within the college where you can use many of the services we offer internally.

To use this remote desktop service, you will need an app installed which is available for a number of platforms including Windows, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android and Kindle Fire

To access this service:

  1. Download the app for your device: click here for vmware view download links (Most Windows Users will need the 64-bit version. Do not use the Local Mode Option.)
  2. Once installed it will ask for the connection server hostname. Enter the following in the address box:
  3. Now enter your Derby College username and password when prompted and you will be presented with your virtual desktop.

Please bear in mind that these are temporary virtual desktops, and as such work should be saved to a more permanent location such as cloud storage, or P drive. We recommend using Office 365 and/or Onedrive. Anything saved on the temporary desktop such as on the desktop or document may not still reside there on your next connection.

Also, if you are just wanting to access your email/calendar, you may find it quicker and easier to use the web based email links from the staff and student link at the bottom of this page, or use the full desktop Outlook client if it is installed on your computer

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