Continuous Support with English and Maths

The English and Maths team are continuously working hard throughout the year to support and improve your child’s English and Maths skills . The team offer revision workshops and online support in order to help improve grades and skills.

Listed below are some of the approaches that the English and Maths team offer to help support your child with their skills and grades:

  • Encourage the use of Doddle outside of the classroom to improve GCSE English reading assessment skills as well as writing assessment skills including: spelling, punctuation and grammar
  • Hold weekly workshops to improve skills and techniques
  • Request that for English your child uses Paper 1 and Paper 2 Questions, Skills and Strategies leaflets to better understand ‘how to answer’ each question and ask individuals to share these leaflets with family members to enlist their help too
  • Request that homework is completed on time
  • Promote communication with teachers - it is essential that students continue to work closely with their teacher to ensure they get all the help they deserve
  • Encourage individuals to book a place on the organised revision workshops.

Take a look at our GCSE English Paper 1 and 2 guides. The guides help with Questions, Skills and Strategies.

Derby College - We Love English & Maths - English Paper 1 (PDF)

Derby College - We Love English & Maths - English Paper 2 (PDF)

If you are not confident in English and maths we can help find out more


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