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New Year: DCG opens its doors to showcase great new opportunities

In the next few weeks, Derby College Group (DCG) is opening its four colleges to showcase the diverse range of educational and skill development opportunities.

With so much on offer, there really is something to capture everyone’s interest at the Open Evenings.

The Open Evenings give a great opportunity to gain a comprehensive insight into the colleges and will give visitors a greater understanding of the expansive options on offer.

Visitors at the events will have the opportunity to:  

  • Explore the wide range of courses, from vocational and apprenticeship programs to A-levels and university-level qualifications. 
  • Engage with experienced tutors who are dedicated to empowering students and helping them achieve their goals.  
  • Experience the modern campuses, equipped with the latest technology and resources to support the learning journey. 
  • Gain insights into apprenticeship opportunities. 
  • Discover the extensive support services available to help students thrive. 

Smiling female students holding some books in the library.

Each of the DCG’s four colleges have distinct offerings as follows: 

  • The Joseph Wright Centre will outline information about A Levels to retail to music and the performing arts. 
  • The Community College, Ilkeston, which offers adult learning opportunities ranging from bricklaying to counselling skills to qualifications for teaching assistants. 
  • The Roundhouse will show its broad offering, including engineering to professional construction to hairdressing.   
  • Broomfield Hall will show all that is on offer, including agriculture to dog grooming to sport. 

Attending one of DCG’s open evenings is a valuable opportunity for prospective students to explore and understand what they may choose for their future.

It gives an insight into the college environment, and around the ethos of the DCG, along with the academic programs, and the overall atmosphere of the college.  

This first-hand experience allows students to make informed decisions about their further education, ensuring that they find the right fit for their goals, interests, and aspirations. 

Dates for the college’s four Open Evenings are as follows:

The Joseph Wright Centre – 31st January– 5pm to 7pm 
The Community College, Ilkeston – 7th February – 5pm to 6.30pm 
The Roundhouse – 8th February – 5pm to 7pm
Broomfield Hall – 14th February – 5pm to 7pm