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Lexis students build confidence and language skills with interactive workshop

The Derby College Group Lexis students took part in a pioneering workshop designed to develop their acting and their language skills and build their confidence.

The students worked with the national theatre company, Phosphorous Theatre, an award-winning, industry-leading company, focused on amplifying refugee voices and creating greater opportunities for refugees to access services and widen participation in the arts.

Lexis students making hearts with their hands stood against a colourful background that reads Upbeat Communities.

Lexis is a full-time programme for 16 to 19-year-old learners whose first language is not English.

Its overall objective is to help learners improve their English and gain qualifications to enable them to progress into further education or employment.

The exciting and fun drama event was held at Upbeat Communities, who support asylum seekers and refugees with social activities and integration.

Four Lexis students walking in a row with their hands on each others' shoulders.
The students worked with actors from their latest production called Tender, which draws on the personal narratives of its company of refugee actors.

The play encapsulates the radical joy and skilful storytelling that sees the company resist dominant and reductive media headlines.

A large group of Lexis students and Lexis teacher Foziya posing on a garden.

Foziya Younis, Lexis Curriculum Manager commented on the event: “It really was a great opportunity for students to engage in theatre and take part in a supportive learning environment.

“As many of our Lexis students have come from a similar background, they could really identify with the messages from the drama.

“And it was great to see that they were fully involved in the learning and enjoyed the unique experience.”