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Increase your mental health knowledge and skills with DCG’s free online courses

NHS England reports that 'one in four adults and one in 10 children experience mental illness; including common mental health conditions such as anxiety, depression and stress affect. Whilst many more of us know and care for people who do.

Through its online courses, Derby College Group (DCG) is offering a greater insight and career opportunities in the area of mental health.  

More broadly, there are 30 free online courses in a range of subjects that can be accessed. 

It follows that with the increase in mental health problems, there, in turn, is a growing demand for mental health workers in the United Kingdom.  

The demand for mental health services and professionals has been increasing due to various factors, including greater awareness of mental health issues, reduced stigma, and the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

In this respect, DCG offers five free online mental health courses that potentially could help be a springboard for those wanting to work within the mental health environment. 

Alternatively, the courses are ideal for those wishing to learn a new skill or have a personal interest in the subject. 

The five courses cover a spectrum of subjects including the factors that cause mental ill-health, risk factors that may affect mental wellbeing, the ways that mental health problems can be managed and the skills to support colleagues with mental health problems. 

In addition to the online mental health courses, there are also thirteen other broader health courses, and additional courses covering retail and business. 

This flexible approach to learning means that distance is no barrier to learning. 

And the online learning courses are designed for adults like Joey Tamburello, an online content specialist and voluntary worker, who have busy schedules, as they can be accessed easily via tablet or laptop. 

Taking Derby College Group’s distance learning courses is helping Joey to rebuild her career. 

She discovered the courses while volunteering at her local Mind charity shop and has gone on to gain five level 2 certificates over the past two years. 

Joey, 27, who lives in Hertfordshire and has a First in journalism from London Metropolitan University, said: “Someone I worked with in the Mind shop recommended the courses to me. 

Joey Tamburello

“Since then, I have taken five, covering retail, business operations, autism and mental health and would like to take some more. 

“I loved distance learning. My lecturer, Clare, was always available if I had a problem and was great at giving feedback. I enjoyed taking the courses more than I did studying for my degree as I found I wasn’t putting myself under so much pressure.  

“Receiving the certificates at the end of all that hard work was lovely too.”

Liz Young, Programme Coordinator, commented on the courses: “These courses provide an excellent platform to grasp the intricacies of mental health, helping individuals become more empathetic and supportive when interacting with others who may be facing mental health challenges. 

“I am so passionate about the online courses. I have seen so many people unlock their potential and also just really enjoy the process of flexible learning.” 

To gain access to the free online courses, students need to be 19 or over. Once students enrol on the courses, it is just a couple of days before they have access to the materials. 

Find out more about our mental health courses: