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DCG Animal Care students have transformed left over pumpkins

Students at DCG have been putting their creative skills to the test by repurposing discarded pumpkins.  

The students have been put to the task of repurposing pumpkins as birdfeeders, saving them from going to landfill.

Pumpkins were taken from Mr Pumpkin, a farm opposite Broomfield Hall, and transformed by adding left over rodent feed inside them.  

These were then hung around the Animal Care Unit for local birds and wildlife to feed from. 

Female student with crafts and tools decorating a pumpkin.

In the UK 13 million pumpkins reportedly go to waste each year after Halloween, which equates to approximately 18,000 tons of pumpkin waste.  

When in landfill, pumpkins take over 20 years to decompose, during which they sit releasing the greenhouse gas, methane, into the atmosphere, contributing to the effects of climate change. 

Pumpkin hanging from a tree infront of a stable with a donkey.

As well as making the pumpkin birdfeeders, students also made similar ones from pinecones, peanut butter, and seeds.