Maths and English

The Benefits of Maths and English

How does Maths and English fit into my study program?

Maths and English are key elements of your study programme. All the elements of your study programme are important, they give you the skills, knowledge and experience to progress on to further study or employment and meet your potential.

Initial assessment – it’s not a test

You will undertake an initial assessment activity which will identify the key maths and English areas you need to develop. This information will help to identify the correct pathway of study for you.

Pathway To support your progression at college and develop your Maths and English skills if you have

Local employer views –

  1. “Maths particularly is a vital part of the stylists work from cutting angles to mixing colours.”
  2. “We wanted to get the message over that maths and English does not stop at school or college and the importance of getting the higher grades in these subjects so that they can progress onto an apprenticeship.”
  3. “Reading, writing and maths are very important skills in the care sector as all our residents have care plans detailing everything from weight to medication.”
  4. “Numeracy and literacy skills are vital in this industry – interpreting data, calculating costs of travel and events and communicating at a professional level with clients.”

The maths and English skills employers say they need.



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Maths and English in the Workplace