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School Leavers – How to Apply

Step 1 – Decide on your career pathway ⇣

Browse through the website for some great ideas. Check out Career Coach, use Kudos, the career matching software program visit the National Careers Service website

Step 2 – Research your options Firm up your choices by joining one of ⇣

Firm up your choices by attending one of our open days. There could be options you had never considered before!

Step 3 – Listen to the experts ⇣

Discuss your plans with our friendly staff who will help you choose a study pathway that is just right for you. If you are unsure about anything, talk to our Student Services team on 0800 028 0289.

Step 4 – Submit your application ⇣

There is no deadline so you can apply right now! You will find an online application form on every course page. Use the Apply Now button and follow the instructions for inTouch. If you need some help, just give the Student Services team a call on 0800 028 0289 or book in at one of our campuses where we will help you fill in your application. Even if you have your sights set on an apprenticeship, it is important to apply for a full-time study programme too – it is your back-up plan until you secure your place with an employer.

Step 5 – Gain dedicated advice ⇣

Once you have applied to Derby College Group, you will be allocated a dedicated Student Services adviser. They will make sure your application is processed and your interview is arranged. You can track your application via your inTouch account.

Step 6 – Come for an interview ⇣

Your interview details will be updated in your inTouch account. You will be invited for an interview or asked to complete a personal statement to support your application, taster session or – for some artsbased programmes – an audition. In some cases, you will also take an online screening assessment in maths and English just to check you are on the right pathway.

Step 7 – Accept your place ⇣

We will let you know the outcome of your interview/personal statement. If you have been offered a place, it could be conditional on exam results such as GCSEs. You will need to log into your inTouch account to accept your offer.

Step 8 – Prepare for College ⇣

During August you will receive full details about your enrolment. On GCSE results day we hold a special advice and guidance event if you need to talk to someone about your grades.

Step 9 – Our Welcome / Enrolment Day ⇣

Our Welcome / Enrolment Day Following GCSE results day we will finalise and confirm your study plans, send you your Student Learning Agreement to sign, and provide information about your start date.

Step 10 – Become part of DCG ⇣

During your induction you will be introduced to your Student Experience and Progression Coach as well as your programme team. You will also receive your Derby College Group ID card and student email address and will be shown how to access our online learning space and the Student Handbook.