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DCG Diploma in Esports, ICT and Games Development

This is a one-year programme designed to support your progression in English and maths while introducing you to the principles of Esports, ICT and Games Development.

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Course Summary

Subject Area: IT, Digital Skills and Computer Science
School Leaver - Academic
Location: Joseph Wright Centre
Full Time or Part Time: FT
Level: 1
Number Of Years: 1
Interview Required?: Y
Joseph Wright Centre

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Course Information for Students

This one-year College Diploma course introduces students to the learning principles within Esports, ICT and Games Development. Emphasis is placed on skills development at this level and so a supportive programme of maths and English is compulsory within the course.  

Students on this course are required to engage in all aspects of the study programme, including tutorial and work experience. It is expected that they will maintain a minimum attendance level of 95% across the year.





The course is designed for students with low-level GCSE grades or limited qualification achievements. It is essential that they show a commitment to maintaining high standards of behaviour and attendance and to meeting deadlines. Candidates will be invited for an interview as part of the application process. You are welcome to attend the Esports, ICT or Games Development Information Evenings held throughout the year for further details. 

We expect students to have enthusiasm for helping the community and a commitment to improving their academic and vocational skills in order to progress to higher levels of study. Students need to be motivated to achieve English and Maths as this forms the majority of focus during their studies.




The programme will enhance your understanding and covers:

  • Esports Performer
  • Coding and Programming
  • Maths
  • 2D and 3D Modelling
  • English
  • Live Streaming and Shoutcasting
  • Software and Hardware
  • Games Design

You will develop your skills in maths and English to support your main programme of study, help your future progression and enhance your life skills.

Delivery will be through face-to-face teaching. At selected times, lessons may be delivered remotely.

You need to be aware that certain work experience opportunities or work placements could take place at weekends or evenings and you will be expected to attend these.  We ask that you understand this expectation before you commit to other activities.

You have to fulfil a minimum of 36 hours of work placement. Many of these hours will be offered to you through our existing partnerships with employers.

Your attendance will be monitored and it is expected to be above 95% throughout the year.



This course will be delivered on-site at the Joseph Wright Centre in the ICT labs, Esport Centre and Games Development classrooms.

You should anticipate being social, taking part in group tasks and collaborating with others on projects and tasks throughout the year.

We encourage students to bring their own device such as a laptop or tablet to aid their studies.





You will need to wear your College ID card every day you are in College. If you lose it, you will be asked to pay for a replacement. 

The College operates a no hats or hoods policy when indoors.

All students would benefit from having their own tablet or laptop to aid them with their studies.

There may be additional costs incurred for selected trips and visits or if you wanted to purchase Esports merchandise.

Depending on availability, there may be trips linked directly to your assessments – in such instances, these would not incur additional costs.


Assessment methods will vary. You are expected to build an online portfolio of evidence for each unit. Assessments will include presentations, essays, workbooks, discussions, practical performance, viva and exam assessments. You will need to meet deadlines and work on multiple tasks throughout the year.  

Maths and English will be assessed through a controlled assessment or final exam.

You will be placed in positions of responsibility, undertake group work and have to contribute to ensure the success of others. You should expect to undertake experiences outside your comfort zone. 


Further study

This course is designed to allow you to progress to higher level courses within Esports, ICT or Games Development. Alternatively you may wish to study in a different subject area at the College. This will largely be dependent on your attendance, behaviour, ability to meet deadlines and references from teaching staff. The achievement of maths and English is a priority for progression.

Courses that would be suitable are the:

  • Level 2 Diploma in ICT
  • Level 2 Diploma in Esports
  • Level 2 Diploma in Games Development


The skills you gain are transferable to a wide range of careers within the digital sector. You would be eligible to join organisations in the sector that are recruiting apprentices, especially if you have developed your English and maths skills to a high level.





For more information, contact Derby College Group on 0800 0280289 or

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