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Compliments and Complaints Form

Compliments and Complaints
  • Read our Compliments and Complaints Policy, which can be found on our web page under Policies and Papers, this Policy has also been published on the Student Portal – Moodle
  • Try to resolve your concern formally with a relevant member of staff or the area Team Manager.
  • Consider if you need advice, you could seek advice from any member of staff, such as; Student Services, the Welfare Team, the Students’ Union team, Personal Coaches or Lecturers.

If you decide that you still want to complain formally, please think about the following:

    If you have already tried to resolve your concerns why have they not already been resolved?
  • How to explain your complaint clearly and including any relevant detail.
  • What supporting documents may be needed, e.g. copies of emails, meeting notes etc.
  • What outcome you would like from this complaint e.g. an apology, agreed actions addressing the issues raised or additional support.

Copies of all documents in relation to complaints received by Derby College are filed centrally and details are logged onto the Complaints system.

How do we use the information recorded on this form?

Please refer to the Derby College Privacy Notice on our website: Privacy Notice (PDF)

Complaint Categories

Further Information

Level/Type of course

Your Details


Please Note:

If you are representing a student, please ensure you have the student’s permission to complete this form on their behalf, you may be required to provide written consent. Student Declaration of Consent Form.

Equality and Diversity

What is your ethnic origin/disability? We, as a college, require this information because the Race Relations (Amendment) Act 2000 and the Disability Equality Duty Act 2005 state that it is good practice to monitor complaints by ethnicity and disability. This helps to eliminate discriminatory practice.

How have you tried to resolve your issues so far?


Please read the following statement carefully and if you agree, tick ‘I Agree’ to continue with your complaint.

I confirm that the information I have provided is correct to the best of my knowledge and I give my consent for appropriate staff to have access to the information provided in relation to this complaint

Student Declaration of Consent Form (PDF)

I have read the statement carefully