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Note - you only need to make one application for A-levels. You can specify the additional A-Levels you wish to study when you fill out the application form

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Level: 3

Location: Joseph Wright Centre

Years: 2

24+ Loan Amount: 1987.00****

Interview: Y

Course Summary

In Further Maths A-level, you will study pure maths, statistics and mechanics at Level 7.

Entry requirements

For A-level Maths you need at least five GCSEs at grade C or above, including a 5 grade in English Language.  Additionally you will need a grade 7 in GCSE Maths.


Course Content

In pure maths, you will study complex numbers, matrices, algebra and functions, vectors, polar co-ordinates and hyperbolic functions, calculus, trigonometry and differential equations. Proof and problem-solving are also integral parts of the course.

In statistics, you will extend your knowledge of probability models that are used with different kinds of data.

In mechanics, you will study dimensional analysis, momentum and collisions, work, energy and power, and circular motion.

How will I be assessed?

Formal assessment is at the end of the second year.

There is no coursework.

Are there any additional costs or specialist equipment required?

You need a calculator such as a Casio fx-991ES or a similar model.

What can I do after this course?


  • Engineering
  • Applied technologies
  • Architecture and design
  • Accountancy, business and finance
  • Sciences
  • Mathematics

Further study

Further Maths is ideal for those who wish to go on to study Maths or courses with a large amount of mathematical content at university.

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Note - you only need to make one application for A-levels. You can specify the additional A-Levels you wish to study when you fill out the application form

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This course is run at the Joseph Wright Centre

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Ryan Horsnall

Ryan Horsnall

First Response Finance sponsor BA Hons degree in Management and Leadership

Ryan was involved with First Response Finance as part of their work with Derby College's Employer and Skills Academy and applied for an apprenticeship.
The company is sponsoring Ryan to complete a BA Hons degree in Management and Leadership at Nottingham Trent University. He previously studies Maths, Business and Chemistry A levels at the Joseph Wright Centre. 
Ryan said "I have the best of both worlds – working in a paid job and then gaining a degree and it has made my studies so much easier as I can relate the university work to the work environment."
“I am currently working in a sales support role which I love and at the end of my degree I will see where I want my career to take me with the company.I get the opportunity to blend academic learning and work experience where I can convert my learning at University into real business situations.
First Response Finance have been involved in the Employer Skills Academies and has now teamed up with Derby College to launch the First Response Business and Finance Academy - offering students at Derby College the chance to follow in Ryan's footsteps.


At Derby College I was taught a lot of skills such as target setting that has helped me be organised and realistic with work and learning.

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