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Note - you only need to make one application for A-levels. You can specify the additional A-Levels you wish to study when you fill out the application form

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Level: 3

Location: Joseph Wright Centre

Years: 2

Interview: Y

Course Summary

The impact of the law can be seen all around us in our daily lives, from headline-grabbing crimes and problem neighbours to the day-to-day issues of buying and selling goods.  A knowledge of the law is therefore both helpful and interesting, and can provide you with excellent career prospects.

Entry requirements

You will need at least five GCSEs at grade 4 (C) or above, including English Language at grade 5 (C/B) and Maths at grade 4 (C).

A recent school report will be required which demonstrates a committed attitude to learning.

It is assumed that students enrol on a two-year A-level programme of study consisting of three or more subjects. However, students will be expected to demonstrate a committed attitude to learning and make positive progress in their first year of study.

Course Content

Component 1: The Legal System and Criminal Law (LAW01)

For this unit, students will learn about how the legal system works and it introduces the concept of liability in criminal law. Students will develop an understanding of the various procedures that need to be followed when determining whether a defendant is ‘guilty’ or ‘not guilty’ as well as studying the court hierarchy and identifying which court would be most appropriate for each case.

Component 2: Law-Making and the Law of Tort (LAW02)

This unit covers the process by which laws are made as well as exploring how laws can be breached. Students will develop an understanding of how Parliament makes laws and how laws are applied by judges in court. In addition to this, students will analyse the factors that a judge considers when determining whether a civil law has been breached and, if so, what remedies are available to the claimant.

Component 3: The Nature of Law and the Law of Contract (LAW03)

This component will enable students to extend their study of law further. Students will explore and consider in more detail the nature of law by distinguishing between law and morality and evaluating controversial issues such as abortion and euthanasia. Additionally, students will develop their legal knowledge through the study of contract law and will examine the formation and enforcement of contacts as well as how contracts can be revoked.

All the modules consist of applying your learning to scenarios and will help develop your problem-solving skills.

How will I be assessed?

Assessment is 100% by examination at the end of the second year of study.

LAW01: The Legal System and Criminal Law (2 hours)

LAW02: Law-Making and the Law of Tort (2 hours)

LAW03: The Nature of Law and the Law of Contract (2 hours)

Are there any additional costs or specialist equipment required?


What can I do after this course?

Law is an extremely useful qualification for entry to higher education to study a wide range of subjects.

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Note - you only need to make one application for A-levels. You can specify the additional A-Levels you wish to study when you fill out the application form

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This course is run at the Joseph Wright Centre

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Abbey Sisson

Abbey Sisson

“Amazing” diploma offered more than sixth form for audiologist Abbey

As a teenager Royal Derby Hospital audiologist Abbey Sisson wanted to find “something different” after her GCSEs.
She had achieved As to Cs but was unsure about taking A levels because she wasn’t a natural at exams. She wanted to find a different direction and, on a whim, popped into an open day at Broomfield Hall.  
Abbey liked what she found – she made friends immediately – and was impressed by the Level 3 Public Services Uniformed Extended Diploma. It offered coursework modules, the equivalent of three A levels and “loads of opportunities” which helped her CV for job applications.
Abbey passed with a distinction and almost immediately after College landed a job as an emergency department assistant at the Royal Derby Hospital. Finding no clear career path there, she applied internally and went on to work in audiology as an assistant.
While there, she devoted her spare time, doing work placement on her days off, to achieve a foundation degree and a first-class BSc Healthcare Science Audiology degree at Aston University. Now a qualified audiologist at the Royal Derby, Abbey said her time at College helped her into the workplace.    

I was keen to do something different, and it really was different – it was amazing. I don’t think I would ever have had so many opportunities if I’d gone into the sixth form.  We volunteered in schools, doing sports leadership, as well as stewarding for events too. We had loads of opportunities. Because of the course, when I came to apply for jobs, I had a lot to say.


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