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Level: N/A

Location: The RoundHouse

Years: 1

Weeks: 6

Hours: 2.00

Start: Various Dates (Please press the Book Now Button to View Dates)

Days / Times: Thursday 18:30 to 20:30

Tuition (£): 65.00*

Interview: N

Course Summary

Living in the modern world can sometimes be overwhelming.  As we strive to do more and more, our time seems to become less and less.  We can find ourselves living most of our time on autopilot, easily stuck in our thoughts, worries and problems.

So what is Mindfulness?

In simple terms, mindfulness is about bringing a sense of awareness and attention back into our lives.

It is a skill that can be learnt through a range of tools and techniques to help prevent overload and minimise anxiety, whatever challenges we may face.

It’s practical, easy to learn and - although rooted in Buddhist wisdom and meditative practices - it is far from religious.  Be assured that crossed legs and chanting are certainly not required!

Entry requirements

The course is aimed at those aged 19+ and there are no formal entry requirements for the experience.

Course Content

Week 1:  How it all began: demystifying mindfulness

Week 2:  Re-awakening your senses: switching off automatic pilot and being in the now

Week 3:  Learning how to respond rather than react (understanding the stress response)

Week 4:  Becoming a human-being rather than a human-doing

Week 5:  Learning to accept: working with what is already here

Week 6:  Bringing it all together: developing your own mindfulness plan for the future


How will I be assessed?

At an introductory level, you will be taught a range of simple exercises that enable you to develop a new and more helpful sense of awareness. No prior knowledge is required - don’t worry, we will tell you and show you all you need to know. 

Are there any additional costs or specialist equipment required?

Bring a mat, cushion and blanket, an open mind, a willingness to practise and YOU - that’s ALL!

What can I do after this course?

Further Study

Further Mindfulness courses are to be announced.



* Tuition - This figure is the fee to be paid if you are not entitled to any concessions.
*** Co-Tuition - This figure is the fee to be paid if you are entitled to any partial concessions.

This course is run at the Roundhouse Campus

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