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Looking for a career with real variety? A responsible job where you'll face a new challenge every day? A chance to get more out of life?


Derby College can put you on the path to great prospects with a public services course.


Public Services industry


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If you are confident, resilient, reliable, adaptable and enjoy being at the heart of the action, a career in public services could be for you.


Whether your goal is to work for the Police, Fire Service, Ambulance Service, Prison Service, Army, RAF or the Royal Navy, you can be sure that you'll be doing something more than 'just a job'. The Armed Forces continue to be one of the largest employers in the UK. Joining up could mean that you travel the world not only defending our country but also assisting with humanitarian and disaster relief.


The Emergency Services provide plenty of opportunities for individuals who want to work in one of the most important arenas of all: keeping the public safe and secure.


A career in the justice sector - from the Police Service to the Prison Service - is another rewarding way of making our communities better places in which to live.


Public Services courses


You will need to prepare both mind and body to take on the challenges of life in the public services. And getting some qualifications under your belt makes sense if you want to progress more swiftly up the career ladder.


A course at Derby College will give you a greater understanding of the public services in general, the roles they play in our society and the wider political and social context in which they operate. You will also enhance your physical fitness, communication, problem-solving, teamwork and leadership skills.


Courses are available at Levels 1, 2 and 3 to suit learners with a wide variety of backgrounds and experience.


The majority of our students finish College and go directly in to training with the uniformed or armed services. Indeed, some have benefited from special funding during their Derby College studies, such as the Army Further Education Bursary Scheme.


Others take their qualifications to the next level, heading for university with the aim of pursuing careers in areas such as law, criminology and social work.


Public Services at Derby College

Pubilc Services students working as security stewards


The Public Services department is based at Broomfield Hall. The site is the ideal location to try navigation and orienteering exercises, develop your leadership skills and test your prowess in reconstructions of major emergencies.


You'll be able to improve your health and fitness in our well-equipped gym and will also have the chance to pursue additional qualifications such as the Higher Sports Leadership Award.


Thanks to our extensive contacts with the public services, there are opportunities to take part in stimulating residential visits and day trips, including to the Royal Marines, Army and Navy.


Guest speakers visit regularly to share riveting insights into topics as varied as world conflict, police powers, counter terrorism and the effects of crime. They even include former Derby College students who have hit the heights in rewarding careers themselves.


Throughout, you'll be taught by a dedicated team of staff who have strong backgrounds within the uniformed public services, including the Royal Marines and the Police.


Many students choose to further their skills outside the normal course timetable too. They are in demand to serve as special constables or to assist with the stewarding of community events.


Ben Hardy former Public Services studentWhen I started the Public Services course at Derby College I was initially thinking of joining the Police but we had all sorts of different talks and visits to the civilian and armed forces and I soon had my heart set of joining the Royal Marines.

Ben Hardy, former Public Services student, now a Royal Marine

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