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One of the IT classrooms at The Joseph Wright Centre


Employers everywhere are seeking skilled IT professionals who can help them keep pace with innovation, make their businesses more efficient and get their messages across.


ICT industry


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Information and Communication Technology is central to all our lives today, from social networking sites, digital TV channels, mobile apps and internet shopping to the massive computer networks which drive the global economy.

Computers are now pivotal to every organisation: 21 million people use IT in their jobs in the UK. So if you'd like to work with - or come up with - the very latest technology, a career in this field offers outstanding prospects.


ICT careers


Whether you're designing new IT systems, developing software, fixing problems or training people to make the most of technology, the career opportunities in ICT are vast.

Use Facebook? Blog? Tweet? You could turn these skills into a career with our Social Media Apprenticeship. Learn to help your employer understand how social networking and digital media can grow their business. Employers everywhere are seeking skilled IT professionals who can help them keep pace with innovation, make their businesses more efficient and get their messages across.

One in 20 people in the UK work in IT or the related world of telecoms. In Derbyshire alone, around 60,000 people are employed in this field and that figure is set to increase.

The IT industry is predicted to grow at 2.5 per cent every year, with a particular demand for staff who can work in planning and management roles.

You don't have to restrict yourself to companies that specialise in IT either: more than 60 per cent of IT professionals work in other industries such as financial services or manufacturing.

Computer skills will help you get ahead in every career - so the abilities you gain through a Derby College ICT course will serve you well, wherever the future takes you.


ICT courses


Girl using IT at Derby College

Our courses are offered at a range of different levels to suit your experience and qualifications. They include apprenticeships, which enable you to enjoy on-the-job training while working towards recognised qualifications - and earning a salary into the bargain.


We also give you the chance to specialise in areas such as software development and ICT systems support, helping you to chart a career route in the areas which interest you most.


Many IT specialists today are educated to graduate level and you'll find that several of our courses will provide you with the ideal platform to progress to university.


You could end up pursuing a degree in subjects such as computer science, multimedia, software engineering, systems analysis and games technology.


Part-time IT courses for adults are available at the Derby College IT Learning Centers.


ICT at Derby College


You will be taught in dedicated ICT classrooms and will benefit from reliable, flexible and secure computer networks, with wireless solutions that give you 'always on' access.


Our excellent IT facilities are part of the College's commitment to provide the very latest technology in a stimulating and dynamic environment.


On an ICT course you will be taught by industry-experienced staff who are devoted to helping you achieve your goals.


Rishi Kumar, photo by Ian Corless PhotographyIt is still early days in the business but the IT course at Derby College certainly helped as you need to be computer literate to succeed in business with everything involved from databases to finances.

Rishi Kumar, studied IT at Derby College now runs his own business.

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