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Horticulture courses at Derby College can lead to careers in landscape gardening, grounds keeping, garden centres or large-scale plant, fruit and veg production.


Horticulture industry


Overall the horticulture sector is worth £6 billion to the UK and is expected to need around 13,000 more employees over the next ten years.


There are more than 16,000 landscape contractor companies alone in the UK, with wide-ranging opportunities to set up your own business too.

You should find job opportunities on your doorstep too, with over 3,000 horticulture businesses in the East Midlands.

It's an industry where research and development is constantly advancing. So, if you like working with new technology and scientific techniques, horticulture offers plenty of scope too.


Horticulture careers


Find Horticulture Courses


The range of careers in horticulture is vast. You could go into production horticulture – the arm of the industry which helps supply the food for our tables and the plants for our gardens. To take just one example, garden centres are big business: there are almost 3,000 in the UK, employing more than 64,000 people.

Or you could pursuer a career in amenity horticulture, specialising in gardening and landscaping, becoming an expert in sports turf and greenkeeping, contributing to large construction projects or working in public parks and green spaces.  

Workers in horticulture are often highly skilled and experienced but can lack formal qualifications. A Derby College course will make an impressive addition to your CV, helping to improve your promotion prospects and earning potential.


Horticulture courses

Horticulture student at Broomfield Hall

The emphasis on practical learning - plus work experience opportunities and functional skills such as literacy and numeracy - will cultivate the attributes that employers need today. You could also take part in major competitions or contribute to rewarding projects in the community.  It all adds up to a dynamic learning experience.     

With courses at levels 1, 2 and 3 - along with the exciting new apprenticeships in horticulture being introduced this year - there are flexible options and clear progression routes to suit all. Our staff will draw on their extensive experience in the industry to help you realise your potential, whatever entry point you choose.   

Most of our students decide to go straight into jobs within the industry, an increasing number head for university to gain higher level qualifications.

Former Derby College horticulture students have gone on to careers at prestigious locations such as Kew and Edinburgh Royal Botanic Gardens.


Horticulture at Derby College


Horticulture courses are based at Broomfield Hall, with its extensive gardens, plant collections and glasshouses providing a rich learning resource for students.

Students work in an environment with its own historic ornamental and walled gardens, and a national collection of old roses. It's not all about the great outdoors; Broomfield Hall has outstanding IT facilities in our learning resource centre.  

The Broomfield Food Hub is another important part of the horticulture department, acting as a focal point for local growers and producers, encouraging community growing schemes and providing an outlet for the sale of goods. It has created a flourishing network of people dedicated to sharing horticultural skills.


James KettleDerby College was a fantastic foundation for my career as it enabled me to think and visit all aspects of the horticultural industry. Although I am now primarily working in a botanical setting, my commercial skills of propagation, pruning techniques, pest and disease identification, plant knowledge operating machinery and many foundation principles of plant and soil science have all stemmed from my time at Derby College and have all been invaluable to my career goals."

James Kettle, former Horticulture student now working at Cambridge University Botanical Gardens

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