Train Station 2020/21 Communication

As you will be aware, due to Covid-19 and associated social distancing, the Derby Train Station bridge has been closed to students and employees. Unfortunately, due to ongoing social distancing measures and urgent renovation works at the station, we are needing to extend this closure/non-permittance.

Whilst renovation works are being done (September 2020 to March 2021), Derby Station will enforce a one-way system which means that the number of people who can safely enter and move through the station will need to be limited and closely managed.

We would like to emphasise that this decision made by East Midlands Railway has been made in consideration of the safety of our students, our employees, EMR commuters and members of the general public. As the risks and hazards related to the use of the bridge during this period cannot be adequately managed or mitigated, Derby College Group agree with the decision made by East Midlands Railway.

Students and employees who use trains to commute to college are not affected.

Students and employees with inclusion needs which require them to use the bridge are still able to use the bridge as normal. These students will need an accessibility pass (see below for who to contact to request one of these passes). Only students who have no safe alternative to using the bridge will be issued with a pass.

Please be aware that ALL Derby Station Bridge Passes that were issued during 2019/20 have been cancelled and can no longer be used. Anyone attempting to use a pass to access the station will be refused entry and will have the pass confiscated, as it remains property of East Midlands Railway.

In order to find an adequate solution to accessing College from the Midland Road area we are working with Derby City Council and other organisations in the area to make the underpass route to College safe for all to use.

Our advice in the current circumstances are:

  • Wherever possible find an alternative route to College that does not use either the train station bridge or the underpass
  • If you have an inclusion need that requires the use of the Train Station bridge contact Pete Benyon, Team Manager Student Engagement
  • Do not use the road overpass by foot to travel to College
  • If you have any safety concerns regarding travelling to College, please contact an appropriate employee of Derby College

Thank you for your understanding,

Pete Benyon
Team Manager Student Engagement


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