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At Derby College, you will build the valuable skills, experience and qualities you need to be successful in work and life.     

Mandie Stravino - derby college ceo

As one of the country's leading and largest colleges – supporting around 26,000 learners each year – our focus is on shaping happy, well educated, work-ready and socially mobile young people. We are committed to ensuring you reach a positive destination at the end of your learning journey.

Whether your ambition is to go straight into the world of work, to gain on-the-job training as an apprentice, to head to university or to set up your own business venture, our job is to secure the right pathway for you.

We provide a learning experience that is always engaging, challenging and interactive. We have a top team who deliver excellent teaching and nationally recognised support to help you reach your goals. From the outset of your studies, you will have clear academic and personal targets, backed by effective feedback to keep your progress on track.

The advantages of studying at Derby College go well beyond qualifications alone. We're all about building the skills, attitudes and behaviours that employers and the nation need most.

Designed in collaboration with industry, business and the professions, our vocational pathways concentrate on developing your employability skills. You'll benefit from work experience, expert mentoring and vital insights into latest industry practice to make sure you can add value from your very first day in a job.

If you aspire to higher education, we'll foster your independent learning, critical thinking and research skills to accelerate your progress at university. If you're considering launching your own business, you'll develop entrepreneurship skills to translate your ideas into action.

At Derby College, you'll also gain a crucial toolkit of wider personal and social skills to support you wherever life takes you. Communication, teamworking, enterprise, initiative, respect for others, citizenship and financial management are all part of the picture to nurture your future prosperity and wellbeing.

We hope this website provides plenty of inspiration for your next step. It spotlights the success stories of former learners who have gone on to achieve their ambitions in many walks of life and now act as genuine role models for all those following in their footsteps. Last year 99% of the learners we tracked had progressed into positive destinations.

You can apply to Derby College online at any time but, for an even closer look at what we can offer, do come along to one of our information evenings or register for a taster event in your chosen subject.

We look forward to welcoming you to our friendly and inclusive learning community, to helping you realise your potential and to celebrating your future successes.

Mandie Stravino
Chief Executive
Derby College

Our Vision

Create optimistic futures by nurturing talent that leads to aspirational destinations

Our Mission

Predict and serve the needs of our business and civic communities

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