Remote working / working from home

There are 3 ways to access college systems or content remotely: -

For staff

  1. – this will give you access to Onedrive, Teams, Sharepoint sites (formerly team sites), Word & Excel etc online.
  2. - this will give access to more systems directly, but also provides the latest link to Remote Desktop. Upon signing in to access Remote Desktop you may also see some “remote apps” if you have permissions to use them. This includes but is not limited to the following college systems – Promonitor, ProAchieve, ProGeneral, ProResource, Open accounts for finance etc.. If you think there is a service or system that you would like access to and it is not on that list, please log a call with our IT Servicedesk.
  3. On a DCG owned device you will also find a folder in the START MENU called “Work Resources (RADC)” which will contain software or systems that you have been given access to. You will also find that Outlook will work on the DCG owned device once connected to your home WiFi without needing to connect through Remote Desktop.

example of

Staff guidance for working remotely: -

Registering for Multi-factor authentication – this is required if you access college systems or services on a device that is not owned by DCG

For students

Students can access College systems and content in a number of ways. To simplify this we would recommend: -

  1. – this provides links to timetables, Moodle course updates and assignments, office 365, proportal but will also have a banner which will be used to communicate our latest message to students.
  2. The MyDCG App for mobile device available from the app store – this provides the same links as the above but more conveniently or more inclusively on a mobile phone or tablet device.
  3. - this provides a link directly to the systems they may need, but will require authentication, whereas the App or MyDCG will only require one authentication on access or install.

Student guidance for working remotely: -


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