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Inclusion and Support Videos


thank you from day one they’ve always

pushed everyone to get their dream so

remember was all sat in the restaurant

from there like write down your dreams

and I wrote down my dreams then three

years later they asked me the same

question I wrote down the same dream and

they were like how close do you think

you are so I was like I’m pretty close

they’re all like hey not just close

you’re extremely close yeah euro mates

that touching breach to it and that’s

only because you know they’ve pushed me

and pushed me and pushed me because I

know I’m they know I’m good it was just

helping me to believe that was good the

first word of our vision is inclusive

and truly believes that that that’s what

we eat sleep and breed that is

everything we have about 1,200 learners

out of a 5,000 study program cohort that

have an inclusion need and only 209 of

those are high needs so the other nine

hundred plus learners have got a

relatively low level inclusion need

we’ve got lots and lots of really really

key case studies where we can show

progress from entry or pre entry to

level one and above in terms of our

mission and what we do on a day to day

basis how we’re going to enact that

vision is all about getting individuals

ready for the next phase in their life

and that’s where inclusion is included

within that so it’s not an add-on it’s

not kind of like when we do all of this

for this cohort and then we do something

different for different cohorts of young

people everything stems back to that

when I first started at the college it

was it was quite nerve-wracking but I

kind of fitted in really well and the

members of staff have been really

helpful so they picked up pretty quickly

about my reading and writing issues and

I think it was within like the week

first week or even the second week they

sat me down in the office and all that

right let’s get you reading and writing

checked will get you sorted and then

that’s when they diagnose we have

dyslexic and dysplastic tendencies we

try to make every young person

individual so not one-size-fits-all so

our study program that we do with them

is individualized so we adapt to people

we look at what they want and then we

put our wrap around our provision around

that young person and I think that’s

what’s taking us to that next step of

being outstanding as well at first I was

a bit

service because I didn’t want to accept

that there’s something kind of wrong

with me but then I felt really grateful

after the first year I felt really

grateful for what the college have done

for me and they helped me to get to

where I am now if I didn’t get the help

that I need I don’t think I would have

ever gone to university I don’t think

I’d ever even be in my second year of

university never mind like wanting to

finish my degree next year right from

promoting the college to application to

interview to creating support plans

before Ilona arrives possibly

orientating them to sites before they

get here and understanding that that

isn’t special that’s normal that’s in

good inclusive practice if we can crack

that bit and when saloner gets into the

classroom and we empower them to know

what inclusion is and what their

specific individual needs are we can

then work with teachers to help them

make sure that they’ve embedded that

practice in their everyday work a lot of

it is about having not only a leadership

team but management team and then a team

a wider team who really understand that

concept and have bought into it and

they’re making it happen

it shows the culture you know they come

together they’re excited they’re

motivated they’re positive they’ve all

got something to contribute into the

vision and they can all see how they’re

contributing as well to making that a

reality it’s very important to take a

whole organization approach because

that’s what creates the ethos their

philosophy and be on an everyday level

the atmosphere of the organization and

that’s what learners experience and so

for them to have a positive experience

when they arrive at the front gates when

they’re going to get their morning

coffee when they are moving between

lessons it’s important that that ethos

that approach that atmosphere is

consistent wherever they are

our learners deserved the best they they

want to be just like everybody else

other future and and success and being

part of the community and being employed

is a massive part of that they can see

how passionate I am in being in the hair

industry I’ve had some really good

support about some really good feedback

and some teachers have really helped me

to progress and push myself even further

to help me get the dream job that I’ve

always wanted we’ve got to keep going

and making sure that every learner gets

a successful outcome a positive outcome

for what they want to do for their

future aspiration I think without the

support I’ll be completely somewhere

else I think the primary impact is that

learners are happy and so attendance

retention and success are all bang on

whether they should be in line with or

just slightly above their peers we’ve

got an inclusion team that can provide

all sorts of resources for any learning

difficulty whatsoever

we’ve got specialists in the college

that will support and help a teachers to

give that best support that they

possibly can we had hardly any

achievement gaps last year so it is a

lot of intervention at that and then

it’s working and our learners are

succeeding and achieving in line with

national figures as well it’s refreshing

to see that that everybody is pulling in

the same direction and I can’t think of

one single time where I’ve asked for

support with regard to sort of learning

difficulties where I’ve not received

100% support it’s about creating a safe

environment so it within a classroom

environment we encourage mistakes that

so that they’re safe and we can learn

from them if they’ve done something well

they get lots of positive praise a lot

of feedback so we have masses of

expectations for learners we want the

very best for them I was my last

previous college I was nearly there for

four years and I was getting bored and I

wasn’t really enjoying it so I thought a

change might change the mood a bit my

confidence wasn’t very good when I

wasn’t lost college and I was down he

wasn’t talking to anyone but now college

is halting confidence because I can talk

to people that don’t even

no the stuffer more hopeful than my last

college because there’s just no year

needs and no what you want to do it is

absolutely integral to everything we do

rather than a bolt on and that’s

probably why it’s so it’s so successful

in some time but I’ve got an

apprenticeship Broomfield doing a

teaching assistant job my mom was very

happy because she was crying and

happiness and she couldn’t believe I got

the apprenticeship she wrote me an email

the next day to say the opportunity to

let my son shine I can’t thank you and

Darby college enough so the impact is



Student Testimonials



hi my name is ahmed ismo i’m 17 and i’m

doing level 3 extended diploma in


after my gcses which i completed at the

end of 2018

um i decided to

have lots of visits around different

secondary schools in derby

i had many visits to derby college to

make sure the building and the overall

environment suited my needs college


risk assessments to make sure that i was

safe while i was at college

right so students

attend college

during the transition period in order to

complete support plans a support plan is

a plan which identifies specific support

needs for the student and and how the

college are able to

cater for their needs a support plan

allows the members of staff who will be

with the students to identify exactly

how they’ll be supported this support

plan is shared amongst all the lecturers

and different members of staff they’ll

be working with

after achieving my gcses and getting the

grades i did

i could have gone on to the level 3

business course straight away however i

decided to

do the level 2 business course this is

because i’ve never studied business as a

subject derby college allowed me to

create and go through with this

personalized study program to

get to know the college get to know

how using assignments

and different forms of submission

over exams

college offer a wide range of support an

option is to have in-class support

available this support will allow

students to achieve the best possible

outcome on their course

college promotes independence this is

done by offering a wide range of

technology that students can access this

technology includes laptops ipads and

livescribe pens okay so students can

access a wide range of support outside

of the classroom whether it be personal

or academic a good example of this is

the base room the base room is available

to all students in which they can use to

get one-to-one support

during the transition period an exam

arrangement is brought up with the

student from their previous educational


this allows students to ensure that they

can access their normal way of working

college offer a wide range of

technological services for students


a good example of this is the derby

college onedrive

allows students access their onedrive

from home or within the college in order

to help them complete work college also

allows students to complete printing

from their mobile phones this technology

is put in place in order to promote

students independence

after completing the level two business

course in which i achieved two merits i

was initially going to go to the joseph

right centre to pursue a levels however

after extensive advice and guidance i

decided to progress onto the level 3

course this level 3 course will allow me

to achieve my future goal which is to


law at university in order to pursue a


in the legal


sector you



we build personalized study programs

with and for our young people for whom

standard off the peg curriculum model

that we have in place wouldn’t

necessarily work and meet their needs

so building a personalized study program

allows us to use the flexibility in

curriculum design

to put a program together where the

structure the content the delivery and

even the assessment methods are all

adjusted and flexed in order to meet

individual needs so the first thing that

we would look at would be the core

element of the study program so as

simple as thinking about whether that’s

going to be driven by qualification or

whether the focus is going to be on

rapper to develop and prepare for

further education or possibly for


english and maths we would be looking at

whether it’s gcse

it might be more appropriate for a young

person to be working towards functional

skills depending on the level of their

prior qualification and in some cases

we’d also be considering exemption from

english and or maths

either through a young person having an

ehcp or using tolerance within

conditions of funding

we would think about the sorts of time

scales that we’re working to so whether

we’re extending a qualification over a

longer period of time for a young person

we would think about whether there’s

anything in terms of specific content

that we would need to build in for the

individual and we might think about

things like assessment methods and how

those might need to be differentiated





hello i’m will i’m 20 years old i’m

studying i t at derby college and i’ve

got the opportunity to say that i’ve got

a diagnosis of asd

today i’m here to talk about

the curriculum my adaptable curriculum i

call it the free year thing

my three year thing was my level three

it qualification which would have

normally been two years

but for me it’s been adapted over a

period of three years

in year one i did three units year two i

did five units and year three i did five

units with a total of thirteen units


this three-year study problem that’s

been successful because it’s made it

more it’s made the world manageable it’s

given me less anxiety

it doesn’t everyone it’s still been

challenging but it’s made it it’s made

it so i can manage my time it’s made it

so i’ve got a longer period of time to

it to achieve what i want to achieve

i’ve become more relaxed and i always

know i will achieve

everything in the end it just takes me a

bit longer so when i finish studying in

june i’ve applied to the university of

south wales to study

bs the honors degree in it

so in 220 days i’m happy with cardiff


something real

the difference that coming to derby

college has actually made

five years a day i couldn’t imagine my

life the way it is now

it’s changed incredibly when i first

came to derby college i wasn’t very

confident i didn’t even talk to members

of staff in the past three to four years

i have developed confidence

in december 2019 i was invited to london

taught in front of 200 people in terms

of how confident i’ve become and the

person i am today

i feel that curriculum can be adapted

whatever area you’re gonna study in it’s

all about the learner and the students

needs it’s all about what they want ask

them how do you want to do this course

you want to do over two years or three

years and that is how it should be

adapted that question should be built in

to an interview like when a a student is

applying for college

one of the strategies that i’ve

developed while at college

running in my spare time because running

is so important it gives you the mental

break from everything you’ve got to do

my strategy is to continue on at

university protecting myself that mental

and physical break from coursework and

just life in general if i was to thought

my time at derby college it’d be

excellent amazing emotional

incredible adventurous and thankful



World Autism Awareness Week 2021



yeah so i

am currently studying a level three as a

part of my role

it’s pub it’s an apprenticeship course

so i have 20 of my working week doing


um i think that

doing it with the college is definitely

really good because

i started working here probably about

six months before i started the

apprenticeship so

i had the opportunity to kind of to get

to know the place and to get to know the


the most sort of helpful kind of

adaptation i’ve had doing that

it’s definitely been that i have sort of

flexibility around timings and around

assignments because

i can often sort of panic when it comes

to deadlines when it comes to



um so the big one i would say is don’t

feel like you have to do everything you


i know especially if you’re sort of

living alone or even with other people

you can kind of feel like

oh i’ve got to be an adult i’ve got to

be entirely independent

but if you’ve got family friends support

in that can help you don’t

feel like you can’t reach out and you

can’t ask for help

and i don’t


so i was looking on indeed as you do and

i saw about

an open evening at the college for

potential esw’s

and yeah and i arranged to do some

shadowing to kind of have a bit of a


see what the role is like and i decided

that i liked it so

that’s kind of what how i ended up where

i am

and i’ve been here over a year now


it’s a good sport i would definitely say

is person-centered that is

something i will talk about till the day

i die

um person-centered support and

care and ins and that’s not just an

education that is across the board

actually looking at a person as an

individual and understanding what

helps them and what works for them and

also listening

and not everyone is going to know

everything that works and how

everything doesn’t work for them



i think the support that i’m getting


necessarily like doesn’t it it feels

very focused around

me it feels like i can do well and

people believe in me to do well

which is really useful uh i think

my teacher in my business course

is really really helpful and she’s been

pushing me to do as best as i can

when i have been worried that i don’t

think i can do

as well as i can uh people believing in


it’s is just the most important thing

for me

knowing that people think i can achieve

what i want to achieve

whether that be going on a run today or

whether that be

getting a good grade in college


i think my top tip would just be to not

view it as hot as

being an autistic learner or artistic

member of staff

doesn’t make you any less or any more

than anyone else

and whether that’s autistic or not i


that is the biggest thing finding the

support that you need

will help better your journey through





i think it’s very important to develop

good relationships it’s because you

then got somebody to


support you if that’s not

made me the tutor or the

the support people not that i’m saying

i think that’s what people have had i

definitely wouldn’t be

okay but it’s nice to have somebody else

just support you as well and

people that are especially

in doing that kind thing it gives you

a good feeling the fact that you

you get on well with people as well


well i think it’s important to

tailor the support to the actual person

that is being supported because

what may work for me may not work for

the next person and so on so so

it’s very important to look at each

person as an individual

and be able to ask them what they

need and

be happy to change it for them if they

you feel that

they need a bit more or

leave it less that sort of thing

also what i think is very

helpful as well as to make it

more of a case of that they

really choose what they

canon can’t do in terms of work or

in terms of what they thinking

on their aspiration type of things



so hello everyone my name is

will simpson i’m 21 years old i’m


uh ict at the university of south wales

and it’s going extremely well

so having an ehcp

uh feast that enabled me

to do it over three years because of the

funding the support

and i i think it’s because i was quite

determined to do well i’m that person

who will never give up

like if someone said with me five years

ago where where do you see yourself in

five years time i wouldn’t expect to be

saying i’m starting a room here in south

wales doing a degree

that’s fun it’s all about

making that big step and make sure

you’re ready to go out a bit

there’s that much independence to you

there’s cooking there’s doing food


there’s partying that i do a lot of


i do i’m not dedicated to what i’m


so just making sure you have the right


and the right course as well and the

right university the right location

where dick wherever it is in the world


to manage good health how i manage it

because my daughters might go running

i top five to take breaks i’ve got a

structure to my day like

for example uh i’ve got a i’ve got a


planner that i look at on

yeah i i chose university as my next

step from derby college

because it would enhance my

opportunities to go to work

it would help my employment and also my

understanding of ict would be more into

depth and stuff i want to do

and it’s quite challenging from the


i’m glad i’m i’m glad i made to move

south wales because it

for a boss from the bottom of my heart

it’s the best decision i’ve ever made

in terms of health it’s not if you’re

not okay

it’s okay





i would definitely advise that you book

an appointment with a member of the

counselling team

and the inclusion support team because

talking about

the struggles that you face will likely

make you feel less stressed about the


and you will feel better about yourself

because you know that you will

always have somebody to talk to who will

help you through the tough situations

that you will face in life

okay so for me personally when i was

younger i was a shy individual

that preferred to stay isolated from

others because at that time i wasn’t

comfortable being around my peers

being at college for a couple of years i

have realized it’s okay to talk to

people who are the same age as me

and i sometimes think to myself the

friends that you have at college

are likely to are likely to maintain

you are likely to maintain the

relationships in the future

i was shy when i was in the level 2

performing arts course

but this year i have made it my mission

to talk to as many people as i possibly

can do

always ask it your teacher and tutors if

you’re unsure about what is being asked

of you

being autistic does not define you you

can do

anything if you put your mind to it and

work hard

no matter what people say having autism

is a gift not a burden i would suggest

that you find an

out of class group you can be part of so

you can meet new people

and feel more confident when

communicating with your peers

in your class book an appointment with

the inclusion team if you feel

overwhelmed and require support with

your coursework and your personal issues

if you have any

also make them aware of your support and

access any

access arrangements for exams

can i just say that the teachers at

derby college will do anything for you

and will go above and beyond to make

sure that you reach your full purpose

and potential

as well as supporting you in making

decisions about the next steps

after college






since i’ve joined derby college i have

been using quite a lot like quite a lot

of buses so i travel on through

three um local buses so um

it’s it’s quite stressful but with


talking to the driver and then getting

off at the right destination

it actually has quite helped me with

growing my confidence in the

in the like public you know surroundings

um so that that’s one skill that i’ve


and then i’ve got my own tv i’ve got

references from jobs that i’ve done

um and obviously with the support of the

derby college staff

that has been possible


so my next steps after this year are

going to be

trying to look for an apprenticeship in

um a hospital

so a hta assistant and

derby college have gave me loads and

loads and loads of advice

and they’ve also helped me looked back

been looking

online for um apprenticeships for next



so we’re forming relationships at

college it has been quite difficult

because i struggle socially

but with again with support of the staff

and the inclusion team

they’ve encouraged me and pushed me kind

of out of our comfort zone



i say well last year i started with a


crazy start let’s say and with

the network that i have it’s been able

to adapt to my needs

specifically and work for me

so with let’s say ehcp or a support plan

that you’ve got from your school

or your previous job that will

be the basis of the support that you

receive at derby college

and it will all be around you so that’s

really good person-centered support at







yes derby college has made reasonable

adjustments when i received my diagnosis

for high functioning autism

my line manager and hr were

straight away the first thing they did

was have a meeting with me to

to see if there’s any way that they

could support me in the workplace

um so that i could work to my best


and really one of the main things is

that i have

a trusted member of staff that i can

talk to if i’ve got anything

that i want to clarify with them you

know maybe with social situations

um but it’s it’s it’s happy to have a

trusted person to talk to

um knowing that they don’t tell me what

to do but they

they just allow me to sort of speak with

them and work through

uh and find my own solution um

so so yes derby college has made

some reasonable adjustments for me


yes absolutely feel like part of the


and the great thing is that i i

definitely feel

a part of the team but we’re all all

members of staff including myself

are treated as individuals and we’re

valued for

our own individuality and our own skills

and strengths that we bring to the team

so i i definitely do feel part of the

team yes


okay so so what i would say about that

is um

if you’re comfortable speaking about uh

your autism

uh is to do just that to to

to talk to either hr or your line

manager or if you’re a student

to to talk to your teachers or the

inclusion and support team

and if there are any barriers um

that we can work together to to remove

those barriers

i would definitely say to to feel


talking to people about it





hello my name is matthew naylor and

welcome to my brief

talk i’m from derby college broomfield

next steps pathways to independent


and today i’m going to be speaking about

the support i have

to become independent


so so my social worker she helped by

finding me somewhere to live like she

found me this place

and she’s looking to find find my next

place where i should live forever


for positive support i’ve received for

travel training

independently are travel training


from home to my college broomfield

and also in the lockdown i did some zoom

travel training to do all the fairy side

of things

staff support me with shopping in derby

or long eaton but leave me to shop for

what i want

on my own however i can access the local

co-op in





i’m hope and i’m not currently 98 years

old and studying level animal care

school i must say was awful for me it

was not a

present time at all socially and


i joined college in 2017

at the oxton campus of derby college

and i was left two years

on a pathway to working life course

and now i’m at broomfield hall derby

college summer it up

i’d say that it’s the transition i


since i’ve come to broomfield gained a

lot of confidence and independence and

hands-on experience

i’ve started catching both the college

bus and public buses

college are

very supportive in that they’re very

involved in that and

i definitely say that anyone

that comes into college would be in

good hands

my support plan has all of my needs

involved in it such as meet and greet in

the morning off of my college bus and i

get taken back to my bus when the

college day is finished

breaking lunch support base room support

where there’s space

to learn with additional support and


and sort of much more quiet area as well

and one-to-one sessions happen

within that room as well

i definitely couldn’t come to college if

i didn’t have

the support that i have

guaranteed anymore the support i must

say is very there’s a lot of heart that

goes into the sport it’s very

personalized we

do what’s called a rag sheet

and we color code it to

our strengths and how we feel

in lessons and how the lessons are going

and we update it very regularly

it’s always tailored to us

and we have these wristbands and rude

bands on one side it says okay with a

smiley face which represents we’re

feeling okay and on the other side not

okay but a non-smiley face so however

we’re feeling relates to this band

yes it’s a struggle sometimes i won’t

lie but

with the support that i have

it’s it’s doable

and i i can come to college with it i

don’t let it stop me



David Torrington


let me stop by introducing myself my

name is david torrington i’m the

managing director of sky recruitment

solutions so we’re a derby-based

multi-sector recruitment company

we’ve worked with derby college actually


four or five years now

through a variety of means so we have an

academy with derby college

but we also provide lots of other

support in terms of

employability for students

the group interviews came about

initially through the academy program so

there was a discussion about derby

educated students having an education in

derby i’m moving away from derby which

obviously is a drain on the resource so

i decided to set an academy up hoping

that my involvement with students would

then lead to them staying in derby

through my academy working in my

business and avoid

a drain of talent if you like moving out

of the city

as a business sky recruitment solutions


we’re quite non-traditional in that we


look for a particular type of person in

terms of work experience qualifications

or anything else so we rely purely on


background irrelevant education


character is what we’re looking for so

in that respect uh being an

all-inclusive company fits in really

well because we get students from a

variety of different backgrounds

different levels different um

society backgrounds etc so yes we with

uh with engage with with a lot of people

with a different background

part of the group

in our current academy one particular


approached me

so we did the the presentation we did a

group interview where we explain what

the academy is about specifically

one particular student wanted to apply

for the academy but wanted to know a bit

more about it and how we could help them

in particular to settle in to the group

in the business so they approached us


with their own personal specific needs

which were based around familiarising

themselves with my business with my

staff with the location

really with the end aim of making them

feel comfortable once they actually

start working in the academy itself

i personally recommend the academy

system through derby college to any

employer in the area the only cost

is your own time

but i genuinely believe if you put your

own time into it and

embrace the opportunity embrace the

people that apply for the academy and

put the time in yourself you’ll get the

benefit from it in the long term


Carl Anderson

so good morning Carl we’re here on this

lovely chris morning on november the

18th 2016 and before we ask you any

other questions could you just tell us a

little bit about yourself just a potted

history of who you are Carl I mean I do

doing here at the Roundhouse and I’m

also distant past 2015-16 handsome the

incursion champion I’m also play Dom

Paulo to be paid ground has campus car

can just tell us a little bit about what

we’re doing this morning please this

morning we’re going up to pinball school

in swadlincote to do a thought to the

I’ve year tendril yo levels we don’t

know which ones yet probably a mixture

and we’re going to be there from roughly

an hour hopefully give or take and then

we’re going to be doing the question

that’s a panel and we’re also going to

become visibly percent doing message

talk excellent and why do you think this

is an important thing to do Carl it’s so

we can give God love those good

reputation to those dudes comstock

college and give them an idea quite

right my students perspective as well as

I standard why’s it why is it personally

important to you that we’re doing this


it’s okay to come to dog clothes and

there’s going to be little they’re just

gone for the same car so we’ve made it

here we’ve now arrived and so it just

adds a little bit but how you feeling

get before we go in I’m actually feeling

a bit nervous to start with but once we

get in then know what see what we’re

dealing with yeah should be all right

okay and what sort of strategies do you

use car when you’re feeling because you

talked quite a lot two groups so what

sorts of strategies do you use to

alleviate those nerves to alleviate the

nurse is to like not to stutter truck

quite a bit not to stutter and normally

not to start missing about my ads and

the only other mike does right held him

right behind me so I know where they are

okay Carl so we’ve just come out we

finished the talk and I just would like


how you feel it went and how you felt

doing it the actual talk itself was

actually really good everyone was very

relaxed about it nope literally most

questions was asked to write at the end

mainly from one of the staff members for

regards like flying and also the access

arrangements but a fit what mainly

sealed it was the food and also Wi-Fi

access but that’d be for another time

but over now it has been actually really

good the actually going out and talk

rather than staying in collagen and

related people ask use different

questions what do you feel you’ve got

out of it Carl I feel that we’ve proved

my confidence tremendously on that and

also talking in front of well this was a

small group of people but I could now

expand out a black like a large group of

people as well if you like to improve

your confidence great