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Gus Collier

Gus Collier

Electronics ace Gus says College A Levels are “a better way to learn”

Talented 20-year-old Gus Collier can turn his hand to constructing robots. He has made his own electronic clock. And, among other things, he can design and build a 3D printer.
Gus took his A levels at Derby College and said the style of teaching "really suited me". It enabled him to make the most of his abilities. He is currently a junior design engineer at city-based ASG Group Ltd, during the summer break from his University of Derby electrical and electronic engineering degree course.
Because his school did not have a sixth form, Gus decided to take his physics, chemistry and maths A levels at College. He also took an AS in ICT. As his knowledge in physics developed, he decided to build a clock with radial LED lights ticking around the perimeter.
He had read about people building things in electronics for fun and decided to have a go. Gus also bought, built and modified a 3D printer to make robots to enter competitively in Ant Weight World Series Robot Wars events.
And he has also been busy at London Road-based engineering business ASG Group Ltd, after his skills helped him to land a summer job there. Gus has designed a demonstration miniature version of one of the businesses' dog guards, and 50 units are being manufactured to be given to car showrooms to display.
Utilising some of the expertise he had already developed in his hobby, Gus is also tasked with designing and building a two-metre-long 3D printer to make prototype parts for cars.
Gus said the work is "almost a different field" to his university studies but he believes the two areas will complement each other in the future.
Bruce Allman, managing director of ASG, said: "Gus's level of knowledge and skills for his age are very impressive coupled with his attitude to work he has been a valuable asset to our R&D Department. Within the new era of Industry 4.0, Electro – Mechanical Design and Robotics Gus will be an asset to any Manufacturing Engineering company in the future. We will certainly be considering harnessing his talents here at ASG in the future."  

At Derby College, it feels like the teachers are more like your peers rather than above you, which is more allied to university than it is to school.

I just feel that it's a better way to learn, because instead of being simply told stuff, you're sharing information. It set me on the road to university and work.

I'd like to do something in electronic and electrical engineering in the long term, perhaps blended with some of my other knowledge in robotics and design engineering. I think a lot of jobs will find having that range of skills useful.


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