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Hannah Mountford

Hannah Mountford

Derby College course comes to architectural consultancy’s rescue

Derby College came to the rescue to make sure trainee architectural technician Hannah Mountford got just the course her employer was looking for.
Teenager Hannah started with DBD Architectural Consultancy in Leek while she was doing her A Levels and owner and founder Andrew Dukesell was looking for a trainee.
Andrew said he could not find a suitable provider locally, but Derby College delivered both the BTEC and NVQ training his business required for Hannah.
Now she has started the second year of her Construction and the Built Environment Level 3 BTEC, which runs in parallel with an NVQ Level 3 in Construction and the Built Environment.
This year Hannah, 19, is looking to "pick up" building regulations as an extra unit, which will be of specific help in her work, which includes "measuring up jobs, drawing them up, planning applications and proposals."
In the long term she wants to progress with DBD and manage her own jobs.
Hannah studies at the Roundhouse one day a week, driving to Derby from Endon, near Leek. She attained Distinction *s in her first year and has been shortlisted as a Derby College Apprentice of the Year. She was also nominated by her company for Staffordshire Chamber of Commerce's Apprentice of the Year award.
Hannah said the BTEC has boosted her confidence.
Owner and founder of DBD Andrew Dukesell said: "We approached Derby College before Derby College knew about Hannah – we'd tried locally and couldn't find anything suitable.
"We were frantically looking for a provider to do the course we were looking for, and if possible an NVQ as an apprentice.
"We found it at Derby College and Hannah liked the place when she went with her mum. The college is offering just what we were looking for at academic and NVQ level. The course content fits perfectly with the work we do at DBD, and there aren't any 'extra subjects' that are unlikely to be useful in the work place. The training is there and we are pleased with her progress."

It is helping me a lot. I often say at work, 'Oh yes, I've learnt about that.' When we go on site, at first you don't know what people are talking about but you learn the terms and the knowledge. It's helping my confidence.

I'm covering a lot of my NVQ through my job. This year we're doing things like surveying, graphical detailing and CAD (Computer Aided Design). I want to pick up building regulations on top of my BTEC, which is a unit you can do as an extra, and it would be good in my job.

I tell everybody in the family what I do. We've got a planning application in for my aunty at the minute, for a four bed detached house, that I've done. They all come to me and ask me because they know how much I like my job.


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