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Tyler Jackson

Tyler Jackson

Former A level student Tyler returns to Joseph Wright as English lecturer

Former A level student Tyler Jackson is back in the classroom where she studied four years ago – but this time as an English lecturer.

Tyler, who is 23, joined the Joseph Wright teaching staff in July and now teaches A level English Language and Literature as well as GCSE and English access courses to adult learners. She loved her time as a Derby College student, and is also grateful to her teachers for diagnosing her dyspraxia.

Tyler's grades had been suffering, but once her condition had been identified she was able to access extra support such as using a laptop in exams. After leaving college with A levels in English Language, English Literature, Law and Psychology, Tyler got a place at Nottingham Trent University to study English Literature and Linguistics.

She then went on to take the Postgraduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) at the University of Derby, returning to Joseph Wright on teaching placement. Tyler, who is from Mackworth, knew she wanted to go to JWC right from the age of eight and remembers seeing the campus being built. She also clearly recalls in her second year of A levels being determined to return to Joseph Wright as a teacher.

She said...

My former A level lecturer, Suzanne Starr, was my PGCE mentor. She and my English lecturer Anna Bowskill were just amazing and it's great to now be working alongside the lecturers who taught me so well at A level. 

I tell my current intake of A level English students that they are me four years ago. I can relate to them, having been in the same situation so recently.


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