DCG Recognising Covid19 Symptoms

Recognising coronavirus symptoms - what symptoms should I look out for?

Our handy guide below compares the symptoms of coronavirus against symptoms of a cold, flu, hayfever or asthma.

If you have coronavirus symptoms –do not attend DCG sites and ensure you follow the student or employee absence process as normal.

Any DCG student or employee testing positive for COVID-19 must report this to the DCG Health and Safety team immediately by filling out the Covid Positive report form.

If you think you have coronavirus and not sure what to do, use the NHS 111 online service to check what steps to take next - please do not go to a GP, pharmacy or a hospital.

Table to show Covid19 Symptoms
symptoms range from mild to severe
gradual onset of symptoms
rapid onset of symptoms
FEVER 37.8C or above Common Rare Common No No
COUGH Common
(usually dry and continuous)
Mild Common
(usually dry)
(usually dry)
(wheeze and cough)
SHORTNESS of BREATH Sometimes No No No Sometimes
HEADACHE Sometimes Rare Common Sometimes No
SORE THROAT Sometimes Sometimes Common 'Itchy Throat' No
RUNNY NOSE Rare Common Sometimes Common No
SNEEZING No Common No Common Rare
ACHES and PAINS Sometimes Common Common No No
FATIGUE Sometimes Sometimes Common No No
DIARRHOEA Rare No Sometimes
(for children)
No No

Be Socially Safe