Parent and Carer Events

Welcome Events

Our Parent and Carer Welcome Events are a great opportunity for you to visit the College. You’ll get to see the site your child studies at and speak to support and teaching staff. Please use the event links below for the site you need to attend and find out more and book your place.

Times: 17:00 – 18:30

The Roundhouse – 21st September 2021

Broomfield Hall – 22nd September 2021

The Joseph Wright Centre – 23rd September 2021

All sites – Virtual Welcome Event – 4th October 2021

Parents Consultation Evenings

Parents Consultation Evenings are an opportunity for you to meet with your child’s subject teacher to discuss their progress on their course.

Year 2 students

The Roundhouse – 16th November 2021
The Joseph Wright Centre – 17th November 2021
Broomfield Hall – 18th November 2021

Year 1 students

The Round House – 25th January 2022
The Joseph Wright Centre – 26th January 2022
Broomfield Hall – 27th January 2022

All students

The Round House – 15th March 2022
The Joseph Wright Centre – 16th March 2022
Broomfield Hall – 17th March 2022

Here's what you need to know about your child’s time at DCG and the support we offer to students, parents and carers.

For more information on these events and how to book your place view the DCG events page.


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