Derby College Group Expands Peer Mentor Programme

Student Mentors in the atrium of the Joseph Wright Centre Student Mentors in the atrium of the Joseph Wright Centre

Following the success of a pilot project, students at the Joseph Wright Centre have been trained to join the peer mentor programme.

The Derby College Group has expanded its peer mentor programme after a successful pilot.

A second group of students, based at The Joseph Wright Centre Post-16 Academic and Arts college have now been trained to provide emotional support for their peers – joining the original student peer mentors based at the Broomfield Hall Land-based and Leisure college in Morley.

Their first event coincided with Time to Talk Day, where students joined the peer mentors for tea and biscuits to raise the profile of their role.

Hannah Parker is studying A-levels at the Joseph Wright Centre and is one of the new peer mentors. She is aiming for a career in mental health and was keen to support fellow students.“I think students may be more comfortable to talk about their feelings and issues with someone of a similar age who can relate to what they are going through.”Fellow A level student Sam Higton added: “It can be stressful coming to a new place and making new friends – combined with the stress of exams so I wanted to train to be a peer mentor.“There is a stigma attached to mental health and it is important that we focus on well-being – giving students the opportunity to talk about their feelings and any anxieties that they have. “Our role is to be a listening ear and signpost them to services within the College if that’s what they want.

”Director of Services for Students Helen Jefferson concluded: ““We have a wide range of support in place for students but it is important to empower our own student body to help each other.“Having piloted the peer mentor programme at Broomfield Hall we are now rolling this out across the group.”

To discover more about the support services available to students within the Derby College Group, further details can be found on the website https://www.derby-college.ac.uk/student-support


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