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The Big Bang 2018 at The Roundhouse The Big Bang 2018 at The Roundhouse

The Derby College Marketing team welcomed a work experience student for a week. Megan, 15, from The Ripley Academy looked to sample varioius elements of a career in Marketing and had the opportunity to attend The Big Bang which was held at The Roundhouse on Thursday 28th June. Here is an account of the day, in Megan's words! 

The Big Bang is a UK programme that Engineering UK run in hopes of making science and engineering more exciting for young people.

Towards the beginning of the event the atmosphere was eager with Children and adults arriving and collecting their lanyards. You could feel the buzz. The buzz as the students from primary and secondary schools in the area entered The Roundhouse. Whether or not they were only excited for the lanyards is beside the point as every child had a smile on their face.

Derby College had a range of stands there on their behalf, ranging from Hair and Beauty to Construction.

Starting with Hair and Beauty, the main focus of their stand was hairdressing. Concentrating on the media aspect of the hairdressing industry the teacher on the stand, showed their students how "setting hair can illustrate how points in history can be shown through films and the TV, like Katie Perry's signature look." Continuing, the other example she had was plaits: "I've been getting the students to plait the mannequins hair and that has been a big hit. I linked it to the media aspect by explaining what plaits symbolised to and the different styles. For example, the pirates of the Caribbean braids." Also, to stick with the engineering theme of the event she taught some students about the maths and science in chemical change through dying hair.

Engineering was one of the busiest stands at The Big Bang and the reason for this was the children's passion for science and maths; the free personalised key rings weren't a factor at all. Students what were interested in this stand would make their design on a software called CoralDRAW from a template and then print it on the laser printer onto acrylic. One girl had a koala keying and another wanted a pizza on his.

Construction was located outside which was actually hot considering the UK's famous cold weather record. The star of the construction tent was noticeably their homemade world cup. Made of plaster by two members of the Derby College Construction team it would look great in Madame Tusards. They were exhibiting "the basics of brick and floor laying to the students." As I walked by (the second time) the children were trying the bricklaying out for themselves and taking selfies with the world cup!

After that, Professional Construction team were "teaching the students about surveying ground levels and its importance in building land a certain amount above (or below) sea level." Having the equipment set out really attracted the students to the area and by listening they got to understand the importance also.

Finally, Motor Vehicle were popular with the car crazy students as they and the cars were a magnet and a fridge. The Motor Vehicle team also had a challenge which the students could take part in. A pit stop challenge, were "The students needed to take the wheel off and put it back on by removing the wheel nuts and then tightening them again. All while being timed and at the end, the student with the fastest time will be contacted as they have won our prize- a tool kit." Many participated but there can only be one winner.

Concluding, the students, teachers, visitors, exhibitors, VIPs and staff thoroughly enjoyed The East Midlands Big Bang fair of 2018. And every student had something to remember their experience by, a pen, a key ring, a lanyard and/or a booklet. What memorabilia did you get?


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